Emotional First Aid

I found a talk to share for today’s post. I really enjoyed this but just wanted to advise that if you watch, please watch it to the end. The speaker makes some really great points even though he isn’t a “real doctor”. The point that I identified with the most was rumination. One of the most unhealthy habits I had was not only constantly complaining but not being able to let go of things that happened. It greatly contributed to fueling the negative mindset I had. Continue reading “Emotional First Aid”

Change Your Mindset, Change the Game!

After opening up to you on Monday about cultivating a warrior’s mindset, I went in search of something to share with you today. I found this Tedx Talk absolutely fascinating on so many levels! I’d love to hear your thoughts after you’ve had a chance to watch this. If you can’t watch it right now, bookmark it because you’re going to want to come back to it! This demonstrates how powerful our mindset is in determining the results in our lives!  Continue reading “Change Your Mindset, Change the Game!”

Emotional Overwhelm | GUEST POST

This is a guest post written by Karin Brauner, a psychotherapeutic counsellor.


Have you ever been in a situation when you feel like you can’t keep your emotions under control? Like they have taken over, your thoughts are all over the place and making a sensible decision is not going to happen? You just want to hide for a while or make the problem magically disappear. You’re talking to people near you at that point, but they aren’t understanding what’s happening to you. Why you’re so upset and speaking like that? What is going on? Nobody can help you at that point, not even yourself. You have dealt with stuff like this before, but this time it’s different. This time you’ve lost it all. Lost the ability to cope, to think, to breathe, to ask for help even. 

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Tips For Those Feeling Burnt Out!

This is for all of you who feel overwhelmed or are on the verge of burning out. We all need to be sure to reboot and recharge our batteries every now and then. Here are three tips to help you do so!

Whether you’re a giver (someone who gives others most of their time and energy) or you just have too much on your plate, neglecting yourself for too long can often lead to you feeling burnt out. You might feel tired, sluggish, irritable, overwhelmed, and just need a break from life.

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In a world of instant results and era of instant gratification, I think it’s important to remember-

Consistency is key! Whether it’s physical fitness, emotional stability, or peace of mind you have to take a step each day to render the results you want. 

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Workplace Mindfulness & Mudras

Here’s a couple of posts that caught my eye when I searched the “wellness” tag. I thought you might enjoy these quick reads. Please be sure to leave some love on the original blogger’s page as I’m just sharing some great things I’ve found in the blogosphere.  Continue reading “Workplace Mindfulness & Mudras”