The Journey of Self-Acceptance

It’s funny because as I sit and think of self-acceptance many things come to mind. Over the years I’ve had to find my way and myself. Growing up in a military family, I always felt out of place. I always seemed to arrive at a new base and be missing out. My peers had their groups, and I never quite fit in. I always thought it was because I arrived too late. Continue reading “The Journey of Self-Acceptance”

Pulse Check |Kindness Challenge

Attention all Kindness Challenge participants!

I just wanted to check in with you and see how this week is going. No matter what week of the challenge you’re on, feel free to share in the comments how it’s going. If you haven’t published your reflection post for a previous week, feel free to do so. Continue reading “Pulse Check |Kindness Challenge”

Reflection Posts

Attention Kindness Challenge participants!

2017 Kindness Challenge (2)

The reflection posts are pouring in and I’m so excited to see the self-discoveries being made on this journey! You guys have shared some amazing stories and been an inspiration for your readers! For those of you who haven’t posted your reflection post for week 1 or 2 yet, this is just a gentle reminder and encouragement to do so. Continue reading “Reflection Posts”

Welcome Participants!

I’m so excited to welcome the newest participants to sign up for the 2nd annual Kindness Challenge! Last year we had over 80 people sign up to participate. This year we are currently at 66 participants. Help me spread the word and get as many people to sign up to commit to this kindness movement by sharing this post! I personally encourage you to invite those in your inner circle to participate. Your partner, children, siblings, parents, friends, coworkers. They don’t have to be bloggers to participate, they can participate using social media.
Continue reading “Welcome Participants!”

When You Don’t Have, Give!

I received a message while meditating a few months ago, the essence was “when you don’t have, give”. I sat on that for a while and reflected on what areas of my life that applied to. I’m at a really good place in my life overall but of course, there are areas that I feel could be more abundant at times.

Continue reading “When You Don’t Have, Give!”

Welcome Participants!

We are about 3 months away from the start of the 7-week Kindness Challenge and we have about half as many participants signed up as we had last year! I’m so excited to embark on this journey with each and every one of you! I wanted to give a warm welcome to the most recent participants to sign up. Thank you for your commitment to raise the tide! Continue reading “Welcome Participants!”

Week 5

Here are your prompts for week 5! We’re warming up for The Kindness Challenge by doing random acts of kindness as a blogging community. Who will you do this week’s prompts with? I’m doing them with my girls and sharing them with the neighborhood kids for them to get in on the kindness as well!  Continue reading “Week 5”

Week 3 (and 4)

I’ve been involved in so many projects lately I forgot to publish the post I started with last week’s kindness prompts! I’m not going to sweat it and just share it now along with prompts for this week. I’ve told the neighborhood kids about this and they were excited to join me and my girls in our endeavor to bring kindness into the lives of those we come in contact with. Continue reading “Week 3 (and 4)”

Thank You & Welcome!

Welcome participants! Thank you for your commitment to raising the tide! We can never have too much kindness in the world. I’m looking forward to all of the amazing things that will come of having so many people focus on increasing and cultivating kindness for seven weeks. I’m excited to have so many bloggers new to this community join the challenge! So glad you’ve found your way here! Continue reading “Thank You & Welcome!”

Get Yours On Pre-order!!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted the first interview on my blog with Oriana the creator of the Kindness Calendar. She’s got a great way to incorporate kindness into the world that I know you’ll want to be a part of. If you missed the interview, continue reading for more details. If you already read it and fell in love with her calendars as much as I did, click here to be redirected to her website to place your preorder!

I’d like to challenge you to reblog this or share her website on your social media as a random act of kindness today.

There’s nothing I’d like more for her than for this to go viral. It’s such a wonderful way to raise the tide ❤  Continue reading “Get Yours On Pre-order!!”