Sweetheart Saturday!

I love motivational quotes. I'm a sucker for the pretty pictures with words that make me feel good. So for this edition of Sweetheart Saturday I'm sharing some of my favorites with you! I hope you not only enjoy them but share your favorite quotes in the comments! Happy Saturday!

Sweetheart Saturday- Learning A Foreign Language

I often think that it is difficult for two people from different backgrounds, family dynamics, cultures, religions and whatever else might distinguish these two unique individuals that come together and form a unit. As a person you evolve, who you are today isn't necessarily who you will be a year from now or ten years from now. Aside from that, being in a relationship in a time of instant results, instant gratification, and acceptance of divorce is a tight rope to walk. Divorce doesn't have the taboo that it once did. So choosing to stay with someone in spite of their flaws, after you've seen them on their best and worst day, and making the choice to spend your life with them is a pretty special thing in my humble opinion.