Discussing Privilege

I love opening up the conversation about things that may be uncomfortable but through the conversations we have can help change our perspective and inspire solutions. I love how the presenter of this talk approaches the subject of privilege and challenges people to use it to help others.  Continue reading “Discussing Privilege”

Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- Racial identity

Growing up as a mixed child I recall often feeling left out. I didn’t really know where I fit in and racial identity was a big mystery to me. I grew up as an Air Force brat and was lucky to grow up in a very culturally diverse atmosphere until we stopped moving around when I was 14.

In my early years (before I was 9 or 10) I didn’t see people in color nor did I realize that people identified you by color. Obviously I knew that there were different skin tones but to me that is all that it was. All of that changed when we moved to the states for the first time after growing up overseas. Overseas I went to school on a military base and my class was sprinkled with all colors of the skin tone rainbow and my class mates’s parents were from all over the world. Then we moved to South Dakota…diversity wasn’t exactly the specialty. Continue reading “Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- Racial identity”