Who You ARE

This week’s message to get it off to the right start!

WAS (6).png

“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.” 

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*REBLOG* Motivate Me (Book Review) | Rosie Amber

This sounds like a great book to pick up, especially at the beginning of a new year! Find out more details in Rosie Amber’s book review post.

Motivate Me! by Shelley Wilson My rating: 4 of 5 stars Motivate Me is a non-fiction happiness and wellbeing book. Just 64 pages it offers the reader the opportunity of some fun inspirational guidance in the form of positive affirmations. Two ways to read the book are: Firstly you could work your way through it […]

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#Momlife Monday|Raising Positive Kids Part II

This is a continuation of last week’s #momlife post. Tikeetha asked for tips on shaping your child’s perception when they tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. I’m going to share what I’m currently doing with my own daughter to help her cultivate a positive outlook. There are many factors that go into negative thinking but one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to children is that they’re passengers on their parent’s train.  Continue reading “#Momlife Monday|Raising Positive Kids Part II”

Soulful Sunday|Music That Speaks To My Soul

I absolutely love this song. Every time I hear it, it speaks directly to my soul. It has so many meanings to me.

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Thought-Provoking Thursday|What Story Are You Telling Yourself About Yourself?

Are you writing a big enough story about yourself? Are you letting the villain run away with the story and be the protagonist? The one that highlights your faults, shortcomings and hangs them over you? Or do you realize it’s only part of the whole story? Do you give yourself enough credit? Do you focus on the wonderful qualities that you have? Do you spend enough time writing the amazing part of your story? Do you spend enough time reading the awesome chapters of your story?

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Thought-Provoking Tuesday: See Beyond The Struggle

These are meant to get more positive as you read on, I hope you enjoy!
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Soulful Sunday-Chapters & Grandparents

As I was walking home yesterday from running errands, a reusable bag with groceries and loaves of fresh baked bread poking out of the top in one hand and a package of delicate European desserts in the other, I realized what a wonderful chapter my life was in. I’ve always loved the idea and the romance of living in a small European town, old roads, rustic buildings, familiar faces, writing. Continue reading “Soulful Sunday-Chapters & Grandparents”

Popup Challenge! Day 1 Quote

The beauty of networking! Sorcha over at SimplySorcha was nominated for what I like to call a “popup challenge”. A quick 3 day challenge to post a quote or three a day. For day one I want to reblog a post from a blog I recently started following. The beauty of the quotes on this post is they are all handwritten and the original poster takes pictures of them to post on their blog to share the great message- positivity going on all over the place, I love it!
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