Are You Building Your Dream Life?

I pose this question to you today, “does your life look the way you want it to?”. Before you answer, I want you to take a moment to think about not just what you have or where you are, but how it feels. I’m not asking if you have the house or car of your dreams. I’m not asking if you are earning the amount you believe you deserve. I’m curious to know if the life you live is the life you want to continue to build? Do you feel joyful, fulfilled, and excited to start each day? […]

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A Piece of Me

It’s funny, as I opened my blog on a tab to start this draft, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about. I noticed how much I loved the header images on the last three posts that were on my screen. I couldn’t help but smile and think how far I’ve come. Then I thought that maybe I should go back and update the images on my older posts. How in the world did I think those looked good? Continue reading “A Piece of Me”

Next Step, Opportunities, Perfectionism

I’m doing another combination post for the A-Z Challenge. I got a few posts up yesterday and scheduled out some more for this week but wasn’t able to get yesterday’s letter up. While I’m at it, I’m adding tomorrow’s letter in this post too. It works out well because these letters go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

As I began to embrace myself for the perfectly imperfect person I was, I stopped focusing on the “what if’s” in life. I found the best way to snuff out anxiety was by letting go of expectations. This isn’t to say that I didn’t have dreams, goals, or aspirations just that I wasn’t fixed on how they came about and didn’t fret over things that may or may not happen. Continue reading “Next Step, Opportunities, Perfectionism”

Wise Words | Oprah Edition

Today I was listening to a few things as I tended to the house and I felt compelled to share this. I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favorite because they are all filled with so much wisdom. I encourage you to take the 10 minutes to watch. You might hear just what you need to hear today. Continue reading “Wise Words | Oprah Edition”

Mid-Month Dash of Empowerment|Take Great Comparison Notes

This month’s focus is on comparing yourself with others less. It’s an injustice to yourself to negatively compare yourself with others, how can you expect to have their results with your gifts and talents? It’s also a disservice to the person you’re comparing yourself to. You’re diluting the value of the hard work and effort they […]

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Blog Love|Returning the Blog Love!

For my first Blog Love post I wanted to highlight bloggers I’m connected with that I know spread the blog love regularly. They focus on spreading the word about others so I wanted to do the same for them.

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Shifting Your Focus

I’m feeling a little nostalgic today and decided to include my first guest post as it’s in line with Tuesday’s topic of teachable moments in my life. Daniel was kind enough to reach out to me earlier this year just a couple of months into my blogging journey to ask me to guest post for his blog. He opened the topic to anything of my choosing and this is where my writing took me.

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Teachable Tuesday|The Power of Accountability


I read a book for the Life Coaching course I’m in and came across a part that really hit home. I’ve opened up in the past about struggling with depression, one of the things that I dealt with was being a victim of circumstances. Whenever anything bad happened I always searched for someone to blame, […]

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