How Do You Deal With Overwhelm?

I thought I would do something a little different today. I’m always sharing my experience with you but today I’d like to ask you to share yours with me. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that it’s no secret that I struggled with depression for a good portion of my life. One of the things I found myself feeling often is overwhelmed. I’ve shared ways to deal with this in the past, but today I’d like for you to share the things you to deal with it. It might give someone an idea of something they can try and incorporate into their life. Continue reading “How Do You Deal With Overwhelm?”

3 Reasons Overwhelmed Moms Cry in the Shower | Part I

I never thought I’d use my bathroom as a place of refuge but over the years that’s what it turned into. It started off as a place I’d go to hoping for a moment to myself to collect my thoughts. By a moment, I literally mean that, a moment! I thought I’d take a page from my husband’s book and shut myself in the bathroom to take a breather. Turns out, that trick doesn’t work for me as well as it works for him! While he can go in and close the door and sit nearly as long as he likes, I have little hands knocking at the door, little high-pitched calls for my name, and fingers reaching under the door within a minute. I’m starting to think maybe I should leave the door open and see what happens when the mystery is taken away… Continue reading “3 Reasons Overwhelmed Moms Cry in the Shower | Part I”