What are you watching on Netflix?

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a Netflix post, so today I’d like to know what everyone is watching? What show can’t you get enough of? What have you watched recently? What are your Netflix must watch shows?

I’ll share my current top 5: Continue reading “What are you watching on Netflix?”

13 Reasons Why

Have you seen the new show on Netflix 13 Reasons Why? It’s a must watch in my opinion. It’s about a teenage girl that leaves tapes behind explaining what led to her committing suicide. I think this is one of those shows that parents should watch with their teens. I’d even go as far to say this would be something I’d like to see watched and discussed in health class. Continue reading “13 Reasons Why”

Binge-worthy Shows!

I recently recommended Designated Survivor and The Shooter as my top Netflix picks.At the time an episode a week was released, they are now officially binge-worthy as the whole series is available to watch non-stop! Continue reading “Binge-worthy Shows!”

Top 5!

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve done a Netflix post. I’ve seen plenty of shows since then and I’m chomping at the bit to share them with you and get suggestions for shows to watch!

Here are my current top 5 recommendations-

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Whatever Wednesday|Top Netflix Picks

I just got done watching an excellent series on Netflix and I’m on the hunt for a new show to watch. I’d love to hear your suggestions! I’m not picky, my watching preference is all over the board. I’ll share two of my favorite recently viewed shows on Netflix in exchange for your recommendations!  Continue reading “Whatever Wednesday|Top Netflix Picks”

Whatever Wednesday|Netflix Recommendations!

There are two things that I love about Netflix-

  • The ability to watch a full episode without a single commercial
  • The fact that I can watch episode after episode and go through an entire season in a week weekend

I’m coming to that point that I’ve watched so many great shows that I don’t know what to watch next! So I figured I’d open up the conversation to talk about our favorite shows so we can share and discover new ones to watch. Personally I love crime shows, suspense and thrillers, historical dramas and family shows. Netflix Originals are really good and I’m really into British dramas.

After scrolling through my watch history, here are my top five series on Netflix-

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Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- What I’m Hooked On

Late post, but putting it up anyway.

I haven’t seen a movie in longer than I care to admit. My hubby and I are movie feins but since moving overseas we don’t get to the movies as often as we used to (every weekend). I don’t know, I just can’t get into subtitled movies even when they are in English because I can’t seem to make myself focus on what’s going on without reading the subtitles. So we either rent movies or watch Netflix. Since it takes a while for things to make their way overseas, we’ve been binging on shows because I’ve seen everything that I want to that’s on DVD.

I’ve flown through Narcos, Jane the Virgin, couldn’t finish True Blood or get into Game of Thrones and I’m quickly closing in on season 3 of Homeland.
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