Knowing, Listening & Meditating

For those of you who don’t know what the A-Z Challenge is, it’s a blog challenge to post your way through the alphabet a letter a day through the month of April. I got a little behind on the challenge at the end of last week. I missed posting for letters K-M. I figured the best way to catch up was to combine the 3 posts I missed into one. Funny enough these three letters had words that went together perfectly!  Continue reading “Knowing, Listening & Meditating”

Consult Your Wise Soul

Today I’d like to encourage you to find the answers you seek by looking within. You have all that you need to move forward. We all need a little help every now and then but don’t underestimate the wisdom that resides within you. ❤ Continue reading “Consult Your Wise Soul”

Meditating in Nature

Today I’m thankful for the wonderful time I had yesterday. I went on a hike with my photography group to practice all of the elements and techniques we’ve learned so far. It was a 4.5-mile hike in the woods. The air was crisp and the breeze was gentle but chilly. Continue reading “Meditating in Nature”

Fit Friday|Meditation

Meditation has so many incredible benefits ranging from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I’ve incorporated meditation into my daily routine and practice it various times throughout the day. Continue reading “Fit Friday|Meditation”

My First Guest Post!!

This is the first time I’ve been asked to write a guest post and I gladly accepted. I wrote this post after taking a stroll around Daniel’s blog and identifying with life after struggling. This post pretty much wrote itself as the words just flowed once I decided on the topic. Continue reading “My First Guest Post!!”

Mindful Monday- 33 Day Reflection

This weekend marked 33 days of gratitude that I was encouraged to do after attending the meditation retreat I wrote about. We were taught different pressure points on our hands to use to work on different things for example letting go of ego, releasing emotions that aren’t yours, igniting child-like innocence among others. Most of us were new to meditating and the thought of meditating daily was daunting. After an entire weekend spent meditating, it became much easier! Continue reading “Mindful Monday- 33 Day Reflection”

Mindful Monday- Beach Meditation

I got in touch with a friend this week to see if she wanted to join me to meditate outside and off we went to a quiet secluded beach. We found a nice spot and caught the last few moments of the sunset. This was one of the most amazing meditation sessions I’ve ever had.
Continue reading “Mindful Monday- Beach Meditation”

Mindful Monday

I’ve decided to take part in another daily writing challenge. This one was spur of the moment, not thought out, planned and calculated like the A-Z challenge I’m taking part in April will be. I read it on a post today which happens to be the first day of the challenge and decided to accept it as a warm up for my marathon in April. Continue reading “Mindful Monday”