Travel Thursdays-A Place You Love

This Travel Thursday post is both for my regular Travel Thursday series but also for the February Love Is In Da Blog challenge. As I write this, the prompt hasn't been posted. In thinking of the theme description provided, it says to write about a place that you love. The first place that comes to mind is a place that I don't have to travel to reach.

Teaser Tuesday- The First Book I fell In Love WIth

There is no denying that something drew my attention to this book on the list and to this day I can still remember the passion and love that I developed for this book as I read it. It was the first time that I formed an attachment to a character. Jonas, the protagonist was around my age and came from a small family; I could relate to him. This was the first book that I used critical thinking skills and found myself trying to predict what would happen. I didn’t read it as a picture book just absorbing the plot as it came. I tried to see where the author led me and soon this assigned book became my first love.