You Create What You Believe

I was watching a webinar by Sue Bryce as I tended to my house today and there were so many great pieces of wisdom shared! Sue Bryce is an amazing photographer but what I love about her most is that a lot of what she talks about can be applied to any industry and life in general. One thing that particularly stood out to me was something she said specifically in relation to money. A lot of times photographers, artists, creatives and entrepreneurs in general struggle with how much to charge. In addition to the cost of doing business, you have to place a monetary value to your time. Part of that has to do with your self-worth. It can be really easy to make excuses or convince yourself why you aren’t earning more, doing better, or booking more clients. Sue said something so simple yet so profound. Continue reading “You Create What You Believe”

Encouraged, Empowered & Enlightened

As uncomfortable as I’ve felt at times on my journey of self-discovery, there’s no denying it’s also been incredibly empowering.  Those uncomfortable situations I’ve faced, have provided the environment I needed to grow. Continue reading “Encouraged, Empowered & Enlightened”


You’d think being yourself would be the easiest thing in the world. Yet for so many years I struggled to know who I was. After those awkward teenage years of wanting to fit in yet be an individual came those early adulthood years. I got married pretty young and it wasn’t long before I lost my sense of self. Honestly, I’m not sure I had ever really found it up until that point.

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Acceptance & Authenticity

social media (1).png The more I embrace myself, the less I worry about what others think. Not in the arrogant “I don’t care” kind of way but in the secure “what others think doesn’t bother me” kind of way. Continue reading “Acceptance & Authenticity”

Gifts, Heart-centered Work & Happiness

The great thing about being an entrepreneur is that I can make my business look the way I want. It doesn’t have to fit in any box or meet standards I’m not in alignment with. One thing that surprised me as a heart-centered entrepreneur is the sense of conflict I felt in the beginning. When I transitioned from the corporate world to creating a business I loved, I had a different perspective about work. Continue reading “Gifts, Heart-centered Work & Happiness”

Dose of Empowerment | Your Next Step

Take a peek at this month’s tip! It’s building on last month’s topic of creating powerful intentions. In order for things to come to fruition, you have to combine your vision with action! Continue reading “Dose of Empowerment | Your Next Step”

Love & Acceptance

One of the most important things I’ve learned during my journey of self-discovery and healing is to accept myself. Embracing who I am and who I’m not has helped me to live life in a freeing way. That lead to me cultivating my self-love. The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for all of the other relationships in your life. Continue reading “Love & Acceptance”

Teachable Tuesday|Speak Your Truth


This is the message of my teachable moment this week. The only thing I would revise is “courageous” instead of fearless. If we wait until fear dissipates we might not ever act because fear can manifest in many forms.

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Worthiness Ambassador

Since I gave the blog a makeover, I thought I’d give my business site some attention. I ended up redecorating over there as well! If you don’t know what a Worthiness Ambassador is or how I can support you in your journey, I encourage you to stop by and see what you’re drawn to. This month’s message is all about Continue reading “Worthiness Ambassador”