Find a Way!

Happy Monday! Starting off yet another week. I can’t believe we’re in July already! That means we are half-way through the year. Makes me think about the goals I set and intentions Continue reading “Find a Way!”

Energy, Attention & Intention


It’s funny, today I was thinking about the importance of what you focus on. As a kid, I remember seeing behaviors, traits, and characteristics that I didn’t like and vowing to never do or be that way. The thing is, inevitably, I ended up doing and becoming the way I didn’t want to. During my journey of self-discovery, I realized that I had spent too much time taking note of and focusing on what I didn’t want. True to the saying, Continue reading “Energy, Attention & Intention”


Something that surprised me during my journey of self-discovery was the power of intention. Whether the motivation behind why I did something or the end result I desired, intention is a powerful thing. I set intentions regularly throughout my day from how I want to show up for the day to the things I want to complete and the reasons why. Setting intentions has become a powerful practice for me to both check in with myself and make sure I’m in alignment with my values and to push myself to keep taking a step forward every day.  Continue reading “Intention”

The Path of Least Resistance

You know I’ve been talking about gaining clarity to take the next step lately. About making a point to pause, connect with yourself, and tap into the wisdom that resides deep within. I wanted to share this with you that lays it out very well. It’s just over 10 minutes, so put it on in the background as you drive home from work, cook, or while you’re in the shower. It’s worth it. Continue reading “The Path of Least Resistance”

Stepping Your Way to Success!

As an entrepreneur, I have to say the road can be tough, especially when you’re starting out. I’m building my second business from the ground up and it takes a lot of time, energy, and consistency. Sometimes it seems like things are going nowhere like I’m giving my all and have nothing to show for it. Looking from the outside in, it very well may seem like there’s not a lot going on. You might just see a room full of ideas, a person full of ambition and passion, and the makings of something big that just hasn’t taken off yet.  Continue reading “Stepping Your Way to Success!”

Consult Your Wise Soul

Today I’d like to encourage you to find the answers you seek by looking within. You have all that you need to move forward. We all need a little help every now and then but don’t underestimate the wisdom that resides within you. ❤ Continue reading “Consult Your Wise Soul”


This week I’m most grateful for Divine connections. I’ve had some lovely unexpected encounters both online and in-person lately that have inspired and encouraged me. I’m constantly thanking my Divine team for the timely connections in my personal and business life. The recent connections have been so profound it’s hard to believe.

Continue reading “Connections”

Dose of Empowerment | Your Next Step

Take a peek at this month’s tip! It’s building on last month’s topic of creating powerful intentions. In order for things to come to fruition, you have to combine your vision with action! Continue reading “Dose of Empowerment | Your Next Step”

Timely Manifestations

Today I’m not only grateful but amazed by the speed at which two things have come into my life. Right before we rung in the New Year, my husband and I sat down and put our intentions down for 2017. One of mine was to land a photography opportunity as an assistant or second shooter. I reached out to an international photographer that mentioned he was going to be in my area. I asked if I could be his assistant and he said yes! That was 13 days into 2017. I already had one of my biggest photography business goals booked for this year! Continue reading “Timely Manifestations”

The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

-Pablo Picasso

Life is so beautiful when you embrace who you are, and build your life around that. Continue reading “The Meaning of Life”