Reflection Post! Kindness Challenge: Week 1 Focus- Self kindness

Your stories are starting to pour in! Be sure to check out your fellow participants’ posts! There are some beautiful stories of self-discovery, self-evaluation, and self-attentiveness. The stories range from funny, insightful, gentle, productive, and satisfactory. Some have realized that even though week 1 is over the practice isn’t done!

Those of you that have already shared your reflection with a pingback, I’ve been so moved by each and everyone! It’s so beautiful that we’ve all had the same map for this journey but our paths have taken us in different directions. This is your story, your truth, use your voice to tell it in your own words!

Don’t forget to pingback so that your story appears in the comments section and others can go check it out! If you don’t know how to pingback (link back), contact me and we’ll get you sorted out!

For those of you that will be writing your reflection post, do it at your own pace. As the saying goes it’s a journey not a race. I gently encourage you to write it before Monday so you can see your take away points before you as you move onto week 2. If you decide to repeat week 1 that is perfectly alright.

Thank you for all of those participating and those cheering us on! This is such a beautiful journey and it’s only just begun!

The Richness of a Simple Life

Attention all 2016 Kindness Challenge Participants!

Have you ever heard of the saying that “you have to love yourself before others can love you“? You have to love and accept yourself for who you are before you can expect for someone else to do so. Part of loving yourself is being kind to yourself.

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