The Price of a Busy Mind


I don’t know about you but I used to be an active member of the Busy Club. You know where you have so much going on you can’t even keep up with yourself? I used to think that busy was the sign of a full life. It’s full alright, but not always full of the right things. I used to be a true member of the Busy Club, always rushing from commitment to commitment. These days I treasure my time more and don’t commit as easily. What was a little more complicated for me to realize and rectify was having a busy mind. You know, when you’re physically one place but your mind is someplace else.  Continue reading “The Price of a Busy Mind”

5 Reasons You Need to Take Action Today (and Live Without Regret)

As you know, I am all about embracing the moment and learning to let go of the things we don’t really need in order to live a more fulfilled life. This post couldn’t sum it up any better. Change isn’t easy, but it’s worth it in the pursuit of a happier life. Make the changes that you can today to live a life that you will be proud of and satisfied with at the end of your race. Thanks Danny for reminding me of this great read!

Dream Big, Dream Often

Next month, 9 years ago, I noticed my first MS symptom.  I was on vacation in West Palm Beach, Fl and noticed a small numb spot on the bottom of my right foot.  I cannot believe it has been NINE years!  Time sure seems to be jetting past me these days.  One thing I have been thinking about is how different I am now compared to that time in my life.  The memories appear in my mind, but feel as though they are from another lifetime.

I encourage you to take time and evaluate your place in life compared to your life 8-10 years ago.  Many times we relate to a specific event or a city we lived in to recall memories.  Or maybe a song or a movie sparks the emotion of a certain time.  So I want you to stop and think about the person you were 5…

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Meet and Greet!

Last day to get your blog and a recommended blog on the list! I’ll be closing the comments after the weekend (around 10:00 am London time to ensure everyone that wants to participate has had the opportunity according to the weekend in their time zone).

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Popup Challenge- Day 3 Quotes

The last day of the 3 day inspirational quote challenge Sorcha nominated me for. I want to thank everyone that stopped by my meet and greet that I hosted this weekend. The bloggers I’m nominating are randomly chosen from my meet and greet. Continue reading “Popup Challenge- Day 3 Quotes”

Weekend Meet & Greet

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Dreaming Chasing Isn’t Always About Reaching Your Goals: The Power of Trying

I couldn’t help but think of my own dream of writing when I read this. This post is on the same wavelength as my quote challenge post yesterday about not giving up on your dreams. Danny does such a great job giving dreams and wishes perspective as well as explaining why someone’s dream might still come true even if it’s not what you thought. A great read, I promise!

Dream Big, Dream Often


There is a misunderstanding about dream chasers that some non-doers struggle with: chasing dreams isn’t always about achieving the goal. I have received a few emails lately about chasing dreams that seem unattainable or unrealistic.  The question that was posed to me concerned whether I would support a friend’s dream even if it was legitimately impossible.  I have thought about it and put forth the following thoughts…

First, we have discussed the importance of surrounding yourself with positive, forward thinking, successful people.  And this one topic is a perfect example as to why a good support system is essential.  You need a solid support group to help you honestly evaluate your dreams versus wishes.  I never want to discourage anyone from chasing dreams, but do not want to see people chase wishes.  A dream is something that a person is passionate about, cannot live without and wants to possess…

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Weekend Meet & Greet!

Don’t forget to stop by the first meet & greet hosted on my blog! All bloggers welcome!
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Meet & Greet!


Welcome to my first ever bi-weekly meet and greet! For the “meet” part- I want this to be two fold, for you to get your blog name out there, but for readers to have exposure to as many blogs as possible. For the “greet” part- let’s not forget to drop a line to fellow bloggers that have commented! Continue reading “Meet & Greet!”

Meet & Greet!

Don’t forget to stop by the first meet & greet hosted on my blog! All bloggers welcome!
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Networking 101- Dream Big, Dream Often

If you haven’t already, make sure you send Danny a link to you blog. He has a post that allows you to send him a link to be features on his blog
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