Kids Say the Darndest Things!

I thought it would be fun to play a little “Kids Say the Darndest Things” today. One thing I love about kids (especially young ones) is their nature to say whatever is on their mind. They say it because they feel it, because it’s their truth, and without malice. Sometimes we find it shocking, others it’s embarrassing, and often times it’s hilarious. Continue reading “Kids Say the Darndest Things!”

Couple Name


I think it’s funny how celebrity couples have couple names. You know the funny combination of each partner’s name? I thought it would be fun to share a nickname based on something you love Continue reading “Couple Name”

Hump Day Humor

A little hump day humor for you. I dare you not to laugh! πŸ™‚Β  Continue reading “Hump Day Humor”

What A Day!

Oh, don’t let this little face fool you! The second one is a more accurate representation of her mischevious ways! ❀

So I was feeling extra motivated today having sent my book off for editing. I decided to be unusually diligent with my house tending and give the house a heavy dose of TLC to make up for my time being dedicated to writing. I had the kitchen cleaned, a load of laundry done, another in the wash and saw the balcony could use a good scrub. I swept it and had a bucket of soap and water to clean the sliding doors and just as I was finishing up and ready to go inside… I hear the sliding door slam followed swiftly by a click.Β  Continue reading “What A Day!”

Don’t Cook Chili In A Pressure Cooker

On a lighter side, today’s lesson is not to cook chili in a pressure cooker… I made some white chicken chili (my favorite!) and figured I could swap the crock pot for the pressure cooker as I always do for sake of time (and because I don’t have a crockpot). Continue reading “Don’t Cook Chili In A Pressure Cooker”

A good ol fashioned belly achin laugh!!

If anything deserves to go viral or “break the internet” this is definitely at the top of the list for me. I’d much rather see more things like this flood people’s social media feeds and hear people talking about things like this in passing. It’s impossible to watch this without laughing!
Continue reading “A good ol fashioned belly achin laugh!!”

Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- Things I Miss About the States

I enjoyed living in the states and there are many great aspects of it that I do enjoy but I wanted to poke fun at other aspects so I figured I’d post about them. The only thing I truly do miss is my mom, even though we still talk on the phone everyday. I saw her once a week and enjoyed our weekly BBQs, game day and hanging out in the closest thing to paradise the burbs have- her backyard. Maybe next time I’ll do a post on things I actually miss about the states but for now I hope you get a laugh out of this one. Continue reading “Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- Things I Miss About the States”

#MomLife Monday- Things Kids Say

IMG_20160102_123354 (1).jpgDon’t let this cute little face fool you, she will tell you exactly like it is. The other day while getting ready for bed, she brings up ideas for the weekend. She informs me that she wants to have a quiet relaxing family day. “That sounds great”, I think to myself, “I can deal with a low-key, laid back day” . She continues to list the schedule of the family bonding day which includes card games, memory and dancing. Sounds fun and innocent enough.

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