No Excuses Cardio!

As you know, I’m making my physical health and well-being a bigger part of my self-care focus. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that I’m going to give into my excuses. The weather is starting to cool down and as tempting as it is to crochet instead of doing cardio, I’m dedicated to the cause! So in the spirit of not giving into my excuses, I wanted to share a quick video with you. Whether it’s freezing out or it’s springtime depending on where you’re located, squeeze at least a half hour into your day for cardio a few times each week.  Continue reading “No Excuses Cardio!”

Your Body is You. Take Care of It.

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Karen | IDFA Canada Bikini Pro & 3 time top 5 finisher with INBF Canada

Today’s Fit Friday’s post is written by guest blogger Karen. 

“Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live.”

-Jim Rohn 

Our bodies are magnificent things, your feet and legs support you as you walk and wander through the day. Your torso and back support you as you lift, turn, and move in all directions to see the world around you. Your arms and hands move and grip things, helping to feed and fuel yourself. Your shoulders and neck support your head which encapsulates and protects your most vital muscle, your brain. And then there are your complex set of organs, muscles, and tissues that intertwine within your body, keeping you running at top notch. Continue reading “Your Body is You. Take Care of It.”

Fit Friday|I Am Supported


I am absolutely in love with Adriene’s yoga videos on YouTube! I’m currently doing the 30 day yoga camp and it’s awesome! She gives the class so that anyone can participate regardless of their level.

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Fit Friday -Blog Love!|Laughter Yoga

I found this new to me blog while searching for ideas for this week’s Fit Friday post. I love the idea of combining two of my favorite things! Now this is exercise I’d look forward to! Happy Friday everyone! Be sure to share the love on this blog’s page! This post isn’t mine, I’m sharing one I found 🙂

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Fit Friday|It’s Not What You Lose, It’s What You Gain

It’s funny how easy it is to put the weight on. Slowly over time you find your shirts fitting more snugly and your pants getting tight. Before you know it you’re buying clothes a size (or two) bigger and don’t know how you gained the weight! It takes conscious choices and dedicated effort to lose the weight. As much as I want it to fall off after one workout, I remind myself I didn’t gain it overnight so I won’t lose it overnight either… For this week’s Fit Friday I found a video on YouTube that reminded me that as much as I despise exercising, it’s not about what you lose, it’s about what you gain. Continue reading “Fit Friday|It’s Not What You Lose, It’s What You Gain”

Fit Friday- Fitness Bucket List

Let’s face it, not everyone has this burning desire to exercise. Personally I don’t enjoy working out in a gym. I’ve recently started doing yoga which I absolutely love! I want to be consistent with my workouts but I like to have a bit of diversity as well.
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Fit Friday- I Am Supported

I am absolutely in love with Adriene’s  yoga videos on YouTube! I’m currently doing the 30 day yoga camp and it’s awesome! She gives the class so that anyone can participate regardless of their level.
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Starting My Day with Yoga

I love how good I feel after my yoga class, but I only have class for an hour twice a week. I’ve been doing some yoga at home and my 7 year old loves to do it with me. We’ve been getting up a little early to meditate which is a great day to start her day but she’s a little busy body and has trouble sitting still. We thought it would be a good idea to do yoga in the morning. We get our bodies moving, practice deep breathing and it still clears the mind and helps you to center and focus on the moment. Continue reading “Starting My Day with Yoga”

Flashback Fit Friday!

My daughter had a dance performance last night and I spent my blog time doing last minute seamstress repairs to her outfit…I’m no seamstress so it took much longer than I hoped. So today is another recycled post!
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Fit Friday REBLOG-Sculpted Summer Arms Workout (Supersets + Circuit)

How has your fitness journey been coming along? I’ve been keeping up my active lifestyle and continue to see results. I walk a ton but one thing I could do is focus on my arms. So for this Fit Friday’s post, I’m spreading the blog love and reblogging a post with a quick set of arm toning exercises.

What are your favorite ways to tone your arms? Do you go to the gym? Do you lift sacks of potatoes? Push ups? Pull ups? Cross-fit? What’s your secret to getting sculpted biceps?

Fitness & the City

Sharing my arm workout today for all of you lovelies interested in sculpting those arms for summer. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

unnamed (2)

  • Warm up: 5 min elliptical
  • Preacher curls 3×10 superset with hammer curls 3×10 (I use 25 lbs for preachers, 15 lbs for hammers)

Circuit repeat 3x:

  • 10 Tricep kick backs (I use 15 lbs)
  • 20 Bench dips (last set to failure)
  • 10 Overhead tricep extension (I use 25 lbs)
  • Cable curls 3×10 superset with dumbbell curls 3×10 (Cant remember my weight on the cable, but I use 15 lbs for dumbbell curls)
  • Rope tricep push down 3×10 superset with cable rope overhead extensions 3×10 (cant remember my weight here- but finish the last set to failure!)

My arms were screaming at this point. Make sure to stretch afterward.

Why do supersets? Supersets are great for busting through plateaus by changing up your normal routine.  When doing supersets, you…

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