J.K. Rowling’s Teachable Moments

Today I wanted to share some teachable moments from J.K. Rowling’s life. As successful as she is today, I have to say I admire her transparency. She’s very open about the things she had to overcome to get to where she is today. I admire so many things about her and find her both incredibly inspirational and down to earth. It’s really hard for me to pick my favorite of the 10 rules of success in this video. They are all really good!  Continue reading “J.K. Rowling’s Teachable Moments”

Small Steps->Big Things!

I’m not going to lie, I’m beyond excited! As you might know, I’ve been reaching out to local photographers to see if I can land an opportunity as an assistant or second shooter. As a beginner, the only thing I have going for me is that I’m bilingual so I try to wedge my foot in the door with that. I’ve asked several photographers and have received a gentle no from one, great advice from another, and no response from the rest. Continue reading “Small Steps->Big Things!”