Dreams That Scare You!

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This year I’ve dedicated myself to dreaming like a child. Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t know limitations existed, you didn’t know things weren’t possible, you didn’t get so caught up in the details you got distracted from the dream itself? Continue reading “Dreams That Scare You!”

Results Outweigh Discomfort

For the past year, I’ve been intentionally pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. I’ve been taking steps to turn my dreams into reality, building my business in a way that’s not conventional yet fits into my life and vision perfectly, and taking opportunities that make me nervous. Many times throughout the year, I’ve faced situations that made me feel uncomfortable; not only because I was taking chances. I was also in situations that challenged me to use my voice in a way I wasn’t used to.  Continue reading “Results Outweigh Discomfort”

Replace Your Fear With Courage

Today’s post comes from Lauren, a lawyer from Sydney who is currently taking a break from law. Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your story with us ❤

I was sitting at my desk in my little cupboard office on the morning I published my article Why your worst fears are nothing to be afraid of. How did I have the audacity to I speak about conquering fear when it was the catalyst to my emptiness? Fear was eating me from the inside out. I had no right to even suggest that someone should leave the job that paralyzes them when that’s exactly what I couldn’t do.

Continue reading “Replace Your Fear With Courage”

Facing Fear & Understanding Failure

One thing I’ve learned during this commitment to self-discovery is how important it is to face your fear. I started to challenge myself to no longer be complacent. I couldn’t get to where I wanted if I stayed inside my comfort zone. I began to realize I had sold myself a story that I was afraid to do things because I didn’t want to fail, be rejected, or criticized. Continue reading “Facing Fear & Understanding Failure”

Courage & Confidence

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One thing I’ve learned is confidence is a byproduct of courage. If we wait until we’re fearless or completely confident to take risks, make tough choices, or pursue opportunities it’s counterproductive. Continue reading “Courage & Confidence”

Chances, Courage & Children’s Wisdom

Yesterday I took a chance on myself. I was presented with an opportunity that had a 99.99% chance of not working out for me, but I wouldn’t know with 100% certainty if I didn’t try. While the 99.99% proved to be right, something bigger happened. I leaned into courage and went for it in spite of my fear, doubt, and the probability of rejection. The result was nothing short of amazing! I was a little disappointed the opportunity didn’t work out but I was so proud that I went for it! I went in with all that I had and without letting the odds against me get me down (had you seen me you really would have thought I stood a chance!).  Continue reading “Chances, Courage & Children’s Wisdom”

Comfort, Creativity & Courage

This year marks the third year that I walked away from corporate America. I’d spent my whole adult life up to that point bouncing between companies every three years on a quest to find the perfect fit. At the end of 2013, I decided to quit doing that. I had been at that job for three and a half years and I knew it was time for me to find something new. After some heavy consideration, I decided to leave my comfortable yet constricting job in the corporate world. Continue reading “Comfort, Creativity & Courage”

Self-Depreciation Masked As Fear

If you know me, you know that I am always feeding my mind and soul. One of the ways I do so is by reading or watching talks. It’s easy to press play on a Youtube video to listen to as I go about my day. One thing that caught my attention was a talk I watched where a photographer named Sue Bryce was discussing fear. Continue reading “Self-Depreciation Masked As Fear”


I’ve been working on pushing myself lately. Pushing myself to try new things and take more risks. The risks I’ve been taking aren’t dangerous nor do they cost me anything financially. They’re the kind that can lead to opportunities, opportunities I’d miss if I held myself back due to fear of rejection. I’ve learned that the fear of rejection has kept me from pursuing things in the past.

If I can’t move forward fearlessly, I will go forth courageously!

I won’t get to where I want to be by playing it safe. If there’s anything I want you to get out of my recent life lesson, it’s that sometimes the worst that can happen is you’ll hear “no”. You’ll either grow from it or be able to move forward without regret, without wondering what could have been. So dare yourself to be brave, push yourself to dream bigger, and take the risks that could lead to amazing opportunities!

What are your thoughts? Did you need to hear this today? Has this encouraged you to take that risk? I’d love to hear what you think about this in the comments.

My Creative Neighbors Will Want To Watch This

The more I watch and read about Brené Brown, the more I love her! My Life Coach instructor shared her 2011 Ted Talks with me on vulnerability (apparently I missed that viral video) and I’ve watched it several times since in the past month.
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