Speak Up!


A friend of mine is hosting an event called Speak Up. It’s an intimate forum she hosts once a month where she opens up the discussion with a thought-provoking question. She emailed me the question about a week ago to ponder. The event is tonight (in fact, I’m here now!) and although you can’t attend live in person, I thought I’d extend a virtual invitation. Continue reading “Speak Up!”

Caring Enough to Take Action Creates Change


I actually had a completely different topic lined up to talk about today but a series of events prompted me to write about something that has been weighing heavily on my heart lately. While I don’t watch the news, I’m not completely oblivious to the events that happen around the world or unaware of the disconnection. It seems that this disconnection has been calling my attention louder each time. It’s a sense of separation, that somehow instead of us being a community, a unit, a collective made up of individuals impacted by the same things, we’re each little pods. If something happens that doesn’t directly impact one’s pod, it’s like it didn’t happen. Continue reading “Caring Enough to Take Action Creates Change”

25 days left!

25 days left to raise $175 to reach the goal of $250! Will help me sponsor a family for Christmas? Continue reading “25 days left!”

Are You A Drive-by Reader?

You know if you’re a drive-by reader if you click on a post and press the back button when you’re done to go back to the Reader.

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Community Question|How Much Do You Like?

Whether you evaluate your stats or you choose to ignore them, there’s no denying bloggers get excited about the community’s reaction to their posts. What I’d like to find out is what does it take to get you to click the like button on a post. As you browse from blog to blog, post to post what’s the deciding factor between clicking “like” and leaving without anyone knowing you were there? Do you use it as a bookmark to come back to the post to read later? Do you click it without

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Update: Brenda gave me a workaround until it magically starts working properly. She suggested accessing the post editor from the WP Admin and that has worked for me and another blogger that was having the same issue.

Anyone having issues with WordPress or is it just me? I’ve tried to use the chain link icon in the editor to hyperlink in a couple of different posts I’m scheduling and no matter what I do I can’t get it to work!! The box pops up for me to enter the link but it’s only partially there and  won’t let me save it or do anything. I’ve closed the tabs, restarted my computer, tried various different posts (new, old, drafts…). Not sure what’s going on but I’m just curious if anyone else is having this problem or if it’s just broken for me 😉

Grateful Sunday- Community

As I look back on this week, I realize how grateful I am for my community. This was actually part of the content in my last class, so it couldn’t be a more appropriate time for me to reflect on my community. We discussed what community meant and looked like to each of us.
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Grateful Sunday- Support

It’s that time of the week that I look back and reflect on what I’m most grateful for. This week I’m thankful for the support I’ve received during this blogging adventure. When I started back up this year, I wasn’t expecting it to be different than the last time. I was hoping the 52 followers that I had would start reading what I wrote and I was happy to write to those that found me and followed me in the beginning.
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Weekend Meet & Greet!!

As you may or may not know, my little blog recently reached a milestone. Over 100 people have chosen to follow it! This is very exciting and I’m so thankful to each and every person
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