Kindness Challenge | Reflection Posts

Attention Kindness Challenge participants

I just wanted to let you know that I’m just now getting to the reflection posts for the last couple of weeks of the challenge. I had a lot to juggle and the kind choice was not to put too much pressure on myself to get everything done. Continue reading “Kindness Challenge | Reflection Posts”

Fitness Challenge & Accountability


Recently a friend of mine extended an invitation on social media to join a fitness challenge. I thought that was a really good idea! I joined and then thought it would be fun to start a fitness challenge with you! Continue reading “Fitness Challenge & Accountability”

Welcome Participants!

The list is growing! A big warm welcome to all of you who’ve signed up for the 2017 Kindness Challenge! Thank you for pledging to do your part to raise the tide (especially when it’s hard) and cultivate kindness. If you haven’t already, sign up for the challenge. It doesn’t start until May but it’s never too early to focus on kindness! Continue reading “Welcome Participants!”

Kindness Challenge Close

Attention all Kindness Challenge participants!

One of the things that I’m excited to share is this challenge was divinely orchestrated. I received the idea, weekly challenge focuses, and the foundation of the post for each week during a deep meditation session. As I read each week as a participant, I was excited and it all felt new to me because it was like I was reading it for the first time. I receivedΒ confirmation in the form of quotes and videos. I always write my post content first and then go out on the web in search of photos, quotes and in this case videos to bring visual appeal to the post. I was nothing short of astounded when I came across content from speakers, spiritual leaders, etc. that I had never heard before and itΒ complimented the focus perfectly! Continue reading “Kindness Challenge Close”

Popup Challenge! Day 1 Quote

The beauty of networking! Sorcha over at SimplySorcha was nominated for what I like to call a “popup challenge”. A quick 3 day challenge to post a quote or three a day. For day one I want to reblog a post from a blog I recently started following. The beauty of the quotes on this post is they are all handwritten and the original poster takes pictures of them to post on their blog to share the great message- positivity going on all over the place, I love it!
Continue reading “Popup Challenge! Day 1 Quote”