The day I've been waiting for finally arrived and I'm ready to share it with you! As you know, I recently completed a 10-week introduction to photography course at my local community center. I am so pleased with the quality of information provided! I just signed up for the advanced course which begins in January …

Meet & Greet!

  Spread the word! This weekend there's a meat meet and greet at The Richness of a Simple Life! Make sure your neighbors know where the block party is! Everyone is welcome and make sure you come with a link in hand to a fellow blogger's blog or a favorite post of theirs! Can't wait to …

Meet & Greet continues!

Stop by this weekend's bucket list themed meet and greet! Share what's on your bucket list, interact with other bloggers and add some new (to you) blogs to your reader! Happy blog hunting! Bucket List themed Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet!

This one snuck up on me! I can't believe it's meet and greet weekend time! The theme will be revealed on Friday, come with a link to another blogger's blog or post. Spread the the word! See you Friday! -Niki