No Excuses Cardio!

As you know, I’m making my physical health and well-being a bigger part of my self-care focus. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that I’m going to give into my excuses. The weather is starting to cool down and as tempting as it is to crochet instead of doing cardio, I’m dedicated to the cause! So in the spirit of not giving into my excuses, I wanted to share a quick video with you. Whether it’s freezing out or it’s springtime depending on where you’re located, squeeze at least a half hour into your day for cardio a few times each week.  Continue reading “No Excuses Cardio!”

Guest Post | Of Blame Games & Denial

Ayushi reached out to me after finding me on a meet and greet. We had a quick conversation and she expressed her interest in guest posting. She fell in love with a couple of my topics, Thought-provoking Thursday being one of them. She wrote an original piece to share with our community. Please give her a warm welcome by stopping by her blog to check out what she has to offer there regularly. Feel free to leave some kind words at the end of her debut guest post here. Continue reading “Guest Post | Of Blame Games & Denial”

Someone Needs To Hear This Today

I just had to share this video. It’s a little over an hour so I understand if you can’t watch the whole thing right now, but it will start exactly at the part that I want to share. At the very end she touches on something that’s so profound and I just feel like someone needs to hear today. The clip starts off with a definition of trust but winds up touching on tolerance, understanding and kindness. Press play so you can add to your life toolbox.
Continue reading “Someone Needs To Hear This Today”