Thought-Provoking Tuesday- Tolerance, Understanding, Humanity

I don’t watch the news, but there are some things you can’t help but hear about. I always tell myself not to read the comments on articles that catch my attention online…the comments are always my downfall because it saddens me to see the blatant disrespect, lack of empathy, and downright hatred that some people display. Tonight as I go to sleep, I’m going to say a prayer that our hearts globally be more open to love, kindness, and acceptance of others. Sending lots of love to the world today ❤

The Richness of a Simple Life

If we want to restore our values and make the world a better place, we need to make a collective effort to be more accepting of one another.

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Saying It Again|Thought-Provoking Tuesday- Tolerance, Understanding, Humanity

I have never reblogged one of my own posts within a week of publishing it but last Tuesday's thought-provoking post is just too hard to refrain from sharing again. I'm not going to go into too much detail because I'm touching on last week's events in tomorrow's post. Last week I left the question open …