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Sign up here for the 2016 Kindness Challenge. The challenge starts May 9, 2016.


Details are as follows-

  1. Mark your calendar for the May 9th start date.

  2. In the comments below, leave a few words to confirm you sign up for the challenge and affirm your intention to focus on kindness! Maybe why you are signing up or just that you’re going to participate 🙂

  3. Save the badge at the end of this post to display on your blog, wall, or posts to show you are participating!

  4. Spread the word! Reblog and or share on social media. Let’s start a revolution of kindness! The more people that focus on kindness the better for all of us! #RevofKindness!

  5. Check back here on May 9th to see the post for week 1 and start the challenge!

Sneak peek into the prompts-

Kindness Challenge:

Focus on kindness for 7 weeks following the guide below. At the end of each week, incorporate a post on your blog with your thoughts on the week’s kindness focus. Use photos, a poem, a journal entry, a video, write a song, whatever you feel comfortable using to express your reflection of the week. Not a blogger? No worries! Use your social media accounts to spread the kindness!

Each week I’ll provide the prompts below to help you remember what to focus on for the week and post about at the end. Pingback to the prompt post of the week so that others can find your reflections of each week. We’ll use the tag “RevofKindness” or #RevofKindness to get more exposure and integrate this kindness revolution outside of the blogosphere.  Feel free to save the badge at the end of this post to display on your page or use for each post.

Week 1- Self-KindnessWeek 2- Observe KindnessWeek 3- Kind EnergyWeek 4- Be KindWeek 5- Grateful for KindnessWeek 6- Kind Inspira.png

Save this badge to display on your blog, wall or post to show you are participating! Want to take it a step further? Link back to this page!

It’s never too late to sign up or start the challenge. I do encourage you to start from week 1 even if you start after the challenge has begun because of the way the challenge progresses.

I can’t wait to go on this journey with you! Sign up by leaving a comment in the comments section below!


330 Replies to “Details & Sign Up”

  1. For Jeremiah, age 14.5. For Annalise, almost 12. For the memory of Elijah, who lived 12 days here on Earth, but whose spirit changed me forever. For my Accomplice, for nearly two decades of being my best friend and my toughest adversary, and for finding my silvering hair and crow’s feet sexy. For myself, because that’s where kindness starts. And for the world, which certainly needs more of it. I’m in. =D

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      1. I had the same feeling about paths crossing the second I saw those red rocks. It’s funny – I grew up right on this road in upstate New York, and married an Oregonian I met in Arizona. We’ve lived in Florida, Oregon, Wyoming, and Montana – so, even though I’m in a very familiar place on this quiet country road, I’m also homesick for many other homes in many different places. You’ve piqued my longing for the desert, and its secrets.

        I can’t imagine a journey into greater kindness NOT taking my somewhere I really want to go! =D

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      2. I know what you mean, I grew up as a military kid so we moved around a lot. I miss many places all at once. I finally feel at home where I am but I miss things about other places in a way that you only can when you fall in love with a place and long to go back. I’m happy to have finally found a place to feel at home but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of a good adventure!

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      3. With our kids growing up, we’ve started to think about what we’ll do when they’re independent. We’re not in a hurry for them to live away from us, but once they’re comfortable being without us, we plan to start traveling again – maybe gradually at first.

        Already, we see glimmers. Miah is OK with us going pretty much anytime – as long as he has internet and appropriate snacks! Lise is still getting used to it; she’s OK home with Miah, but not ready to be home alone. But, during my Accomplice’s recent vacation, we went out to dinner and lunch, which was really cool, because we hadn’t used a sitter in years (didn’t want someone bossing the kids around when we don’t). It felt like playing hooky, almost!

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      4. hahaha I hope you guys get to play hooky more often. One of my goals with living a more simple life is being able to travel more. That for me is an essential part of life, I learn so much and feel so free when I travel. Even if it’s not far. We go on day trips and will start taking long weekend trips when we can with the kids in tow.

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      5. Most of our travel has been the kids and I, on weekends, within a few hours. We do an annual camping trip with other unschooling families in Plymouth, MA every July, and several trips to visit our New Jersey friends. We’ve gone as a family to Washington D.C., and flew to Oregon last year – we’re planning to relocate there in the next year or two, to be closer to that side of the family (and the ocean!)

        May your weekend trips be wonderful, when you start!

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      6. Good for you! Good luck with the moving process and all of the pieces of the puzzle that have to come into place between now and then. Moving itself isn’t my favorite but I do love the adventure and the excitement of exploring someplace new is a lot of fun!

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      7. We all love Oregon. My FIL has 20 plus acres of old woodland – so peaceful, and so green (and usually wet, because, well, it’s Oregon!). We’re looking forward to spending some time soaking in all the green, and there’s a kind of peace and liberation in the slow decluttering of our lives here, and the prospects of creating something different there.

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      8. The weather that makes it that way is why we decided to settle in New York. I tried to warn my Accomplice about winter, but he was sure he knew all about snow. Fourteen years later, he’s had enough. So, eventually, we’ll be heading to the rainy side of life!

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      9. I’m not a fan of long rainy or snowy seasons. I prefer eternal spring, even so I do love a good thunderstorm 🙂 My hubby and I were just discussing a long weekend vacation at the end of the year so our 7 year old will finally be able to see snow in real life…


  2. Hi, Niki! So excited, I am definitely participating! It’s just so easy to get frustrated on the bad things happening around us and to us, this will be a good exercise to transform and redirect my mind, my focus and my attitude. Something has to change, and it I can’t do anything about everyone else, I’ll give myself a try. Thanks! 😀

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    1. I’ve been there! That’s s factor that drove me on my personal kindness challenge. I can’t wait to see how you feel just in time to shift your focus before your birthday! I hope you get what you need out of it and may the change be lasting. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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  3. I will be participating! I want to show my girls that kindness in this crazy world we live in can go a long way, and it will also force me to stop and think about my actions/words before I act on them!

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    1. Good for you Elizabeth! I love how the little ones are such a driving force! Nothing little about them 😉 I hope that you find answers to your inner questions, peace and faith both in yourself and humanity. This is going to be a beautiful journey, and I’m glad you’re joining!

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  4. Hi Niki, I will be participating in the kindness challenge. I don’t know but it’s a little weird feeling right now as I did experience a change in me when I made sure, I’ll keep on smiling whatsoever the day would like be. And you won’t believe that entire week of my exams at college just went great with a difference- no stress at all. I hope I continue the same way in the challenge.

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  5. So excited to have join the challenge!

    I copied your comment from the main page to here and disabled comments to keep them all in the same place, sorry that’s my fault-

    Hi Nicki! Decided to participate in the Kindness Challenge…it goes well with my blog’s theme and it’s a month’s away. haha Need to unwind this month after participating in the one month photography course. Looking forward to it.


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