2016 Weekly Links



This is the home of the posts for the 2016 challenge. Click on the photo to go directly to the post you want to see.

It’s never too late to sign up or start the challenge! I encourage you to start from week 1 even if you start after the challenge has begun because of the way the challenge progresses.




Here you can find the post prompt for participants to write their post 1 week before the challenge started. In the post itself participants have linked their posts so you can read what they wrote.







Week 1’s focus was on being kind and mindful to yourself. If you are just beginning, start here no matter what week the challenge is currently in. Don’t forget to pingback (link) your reflection post to this post so all of our stories can be archived in the same place.


In week 2 the focus is on observing kindness. Take this week to see kindness around you. Politeness, courteousness, consideration and kindness in all forms that you see it.


Week 3’s focus is to radiate kindness. We focus on kind energy by thinking kind thoughts, acting and reacting out of kindness.




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Week 4 is all about being kind. Incorporating kind actions into everyday so that it becomes a habit that develops into a lifestyle.






Week 5 is about focusing on being grateful for the kindness in your life. Remember kindness comes in many forms, take a moment to recognize how kindness shows itself in your life.






The focus of week 6 is someone that inspires you to be more kind.

Kindness Challenge Wk 7| https://therichnessofasimplelife.wordpress.com/2016/06/20/week-7-kindness-challengesecret-kindness/

In the final week of the challenge, the focus is to be kind and keep it to yourself. This is also where you post your reflection of the challenge as a whole.

The live participation of this year’s challenge has concluded. There are still people participating so feel free to jump in at any time and take the challenge on. This will be presented again in 2017 so be on the lookout for more details. In the meantime, remember to think kind thoughts and be kind especially when it’s the hardest!