This is the first annual Kindness Challenge (and the first challenge I’ve ever hosted). This came about by me wanting to celebrate reaching a blogging milestone of 500 followers. I decided a challenge would be a fun way to celebrate with the blog community! With a variety of blog challenges out there and with so many different ways that people blog I wanted it to be something people could easily incorporate into their own life while enriching it as well.

Hence, the Kindness Challenge was created! The intention is that by focusing on kindness for 7 weeks it will become second nature. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate; you can sign up and post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, other social media, or participate and keep it to yourself; the choice is yours. If you want to participate, be sure to click on the details page to proceed to sign up. The challenge starts May 9, 2016 and each week I will post a prompt for you to focus and reflect on. It’s never too late to sign up! You can start at any time, just start with week 1 no matter what the current challenge week is! Help me spread the Revolution of Kindness (#RevofKindness)!

Two of the quotes that came to mind when brainstorming for this challenge were-



If you’ve made it this far you must be interested, so go ahead and click on the details page and add your name in the comments section to sign up! I look forward to this journey ahead!

Use this as your header image or as a badge on your post, blog or other social media to show your participation in the #RevofKindness.