Travel Agent vs Tour Guide Parenting

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I’ve seen myself grow and go through changes as a parent. When I first became a mom, I thought my role as a parent was one of a dictator. I made all decisions, set all of the rules, and had to demand compliance no matter what. Luckily, a few years into parenting right when I actually had to start putting things into action, I discovered Continue reading “Travel Agent vs Tour Guide Parenting”

Protected: Unit 3 | Alternatives to Punishment

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Sandy Pit of Overwhelm

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Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed like you’re in quicksand and can’t get out? I know this happens to me every now and then. It can be so difficult to pull yourself out but you have to find your way back to level ground. When I’m at that point, I have a way of giving into that sinking feeling and thinking things are worse than they are. Continue reading “Sandy Pit of Overwhelm”

Speak Up!


A friend of mine is hosting an event called Speak Up. It’s an intimate forum she hosts once a month where she opens up the discussion with a thought-provoking question. She emailed me the question about a week ago to ponder. The event is tonight (in fact, I’m here now!) and although you can’t attend live in person, I thought I’d extend a virtual invitation. Continue reading “Speak Up!”

Sweet Treats & Summer!


Summer brings sweet treats! Not just peaches and ice cream but moments that turn into memories! Continue reading “Sweet Treats & Summer!”

Life is but a Beach!


Life is but a beach! Just kidding, but it could be more relaxing and fun! More people are dropping out of the competition of being busy and focusing on bringing fun and fulfillment into their lives. Are you one of them? If not, what’s holding you back? Continue reading “Life is but a Beach!”

Blogs to Follow!| Lifestyle, Travel & Urban Gardening!


It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had a chance to get this post up but I’m happy to share some blogs for you to follow! Feel free to share some love in the comments and let them know how you found them when you stop by! ❤ Continue reading “Blogs to Follow!| Lifestyle, Travel & Urban Gardening!”

Summer Activity

While kids look forward to their summer break, parents often feel more pressure to keep kids entertained. This week I’m sharing a craft that’s fun and ensures your kids don’t forget what they learned before school let out! The great thing is, you probably have most of the supplies at home already! If not, get creative and use what you have readily available.  Continue reading “Summer Activity”

Protected: Unit 2| Encouraging Cooperation

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Minor Accident = Major Block Party!

This post is inspired by a guest post I wrote for Hugh on his series 51 Weeks 51 Songs from the past.

I actually just discovered this song recently. I hadn’t really heard of Gente de Zona until their collab with Enrique on Bailando. I love the raspiness in their voices and their Cuban accents! Continue reading “Minor Accident = Major Block Party!”