Travel Thursday Reblog!- PARIS

Spreading the blog love with a repost for today’s Travel Thursday. No recent adventures for me but I’m heading back to the States for the summer next week so I’ll have a travel post in a few weeks. In the meantime, here’s a post I wanted to share with you. One of my favorite things about Cait’s posts are the stunning pictures and this one doesn’t disappoint! Her trip to Paris is beautifully showcased in her photos and she shares some tips to save money. Make sure to stop by and show her some love!

Caitlin Jean Russell

I’ve wanted to visit Paris for as long as I can remember, and luckily for me I was gifted a trip there this past Christmas.

We flew Easyjet from Glasgow to CDG on a Friday morning and had arrived at our Airbnb by around 3pm. Tickets from CDG into the city cost €10 each and once in the city we each got a 5 day metro pass costing €35 – considering it was the only mode of transport we used we more than got our monies worth.

Located in the 15th Arr., our top floor apartment came with views of the vast city, Eiffel Tower included. It totalled £220 for four nights – a fraction of what hotels with a similar view cost. The Airbnb website is rather slow and outdated, which can be infuriating at times, and so I suggest downloading the app as it works far better (at…

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Travel Thursday REBLOG! JAdRunning meets Restless Wanderess

I came across this while searching under the “travel” tag looking for a post to reblog as I didn’t go on any adventures this past week. This is an interesting story about two fellow travelers that decided to meet in person should their paths ever cross. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!


As a wandering traveler sometimes I get called crazy, sometimes I get called inspirational. The crazy part I can understand but the inspirational part is hard for me to wrap my head around. I only have myself and a dog to worry about. I have a bed in a van, eat junk food, drive to trails and run. Only thing different now then my old life is I quit my job to live in a van to travel until the money I saved ran out.Insert the “crazies”, or as I see it “normals”, from the picture above into this story. A single mom with three kids (4, 5 and 10) and two dogs traveling the country in a SUV. Now that’s inspiring! I was scared to death when my dream started to fall into place…I can only image what it must have felt like for Michelle to live out…

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Recycled Post! Travel Thursday-Local Edition

No local adventures to write about this week so I figured I’d recycle a post from earlier this year full of pictures I love looking at 🙂 I hope you enjoy! Happy Thursday!


The Richness of a Simple Life

I love to travel. I love the excitement, the adventure, the experience, the memories, food, I pretty much enjoy everything but the layovers and turbulence. That being said, I am not in a position to travel far from home right now. For some reason I usually think that it takes getting on a plane to find all of the good stuff when the reality is there is plenty to explore just a bus ride away.

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Travel Thursday- Red Rocks & Waterfalls

Today my travel post takes us to a place in my home state. A place that I've never been but hope to one day go see. I am terrified of heights and this fear has kept me from seeing many beautiful places and things with my own eyes. I hope to one day not let this keep me back from experiencing this landscape in all it's beauty and splendor.