3 Reasons Overwhelmed Moms Cry in the Shower| Part III

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared a 3-part series about the reasons why moms hide their tears in the shower. If you’ve missed the previous posts, you can read Part I here and Part II here. This is the final post of this series.


“In the absense of connection, there is suffering.”

-Brene Brown

I think this is the quote that best sums up the number one reason moms cry in the shower. It’s the absence of connection with ourselves. Somewhere along the road, we forget who we are. We embark on building the life we’re “supposed” to and slowly abandon the pursuit of the life we long for. We fill our lives with responsibilities and commitments. We juggle the expectations of our roles. Making time for ourselves is no longer a priority. We stop dreaming nevermind chasing those dreams. Hobbies fall by the wayside and passion is forgotten. It’s no wonder so many feel overwhelmed, lost, and purposeless. Continue reading “3 Reasons Overwhelmed Moms Cry in the Shower| Part III”

Overwhelm Check-In

On Tuesday, I published part II of a 3-part series on why overwhelmed moms cry in the shower. I had to break it down into three parts because my posts are generally 500 words or less and each of those was over 1k. The points I’m addressing are too deep to just scratch the surface, sum it up, put a smiley face emoji and keep it moving. I wanted to take a moment to check in with you to see how you’re doing and what’s come up for you since reading that post. Have you made any self-discoveries or has anything been brought into your awareness? I’d love to know your thoughts so feel free to share in the comments. You know you’re always welcome to share.

If you missed the previous posts, you can find Part I here and Part II here. 

As always, I’m sending lots of love your way and wishing you all that you need to support you on your journey.

-Niki Meadows

Niki Meadows


3 Reasons Overwhelmed Moms Cry in the Shower | Part II

Last week, I shared reason #3 why moms felt overwhelmed to the point of tears in the shower. This week, I wanted to continue to reason #2. If you missed the last post, go ahead and read it now and come back to pick up where you left off.

xavier-sotomayor-192007.jpg Continue reading “3 Reasons Overwhelmed Moms Cry in the Shower | Part II”

An Open Letter to Strong Women

Generally, on Thursdays, I do a check-in post to see what’s come up for you since the previous post. I’ve received some messages that have compelled me to share this with you instead. I’ll check in with you at the end to see what this week’s post on strength brought up for you. 

I grew up amazed by how my mom was so incredible. She worked, took care of my brother and I, always had the house in order, made it look easy, and had such a good attitude about it. Between work and church, she was on the go all of the time. She was the bar by which I measured myself by. When I became a mom, I felt like a fish out of water. In the beginning, I was patient with myself because I was learning. Yet as time went on, I grew frustrated with myself and became overwhelmed. I really struggled to have it all together all of the time. Not the appearance of having it all together but actually having it all together. The only way I could do it was by sacrificing myself. Continue reading “An Open Letter to Strong Women”

3 Reasons Overwhelmed Moms Cry in the Shower | Part I

I never thought I’d use my bathroom as a place of refuge but over the years that’s what it turned into. It started off as a place I’d go to hoping for a moment to myself to collect my thoughts. By a moment, I literally mean that, a moment! I thought I’d take a page from my husband’s book and shut myself in the bathroom to take a breather. Turns out, that trick doesn’t work for me as well as it works for him! While he can go in and close the door and sit nearly as long as he likes, I have little hands knocking at the door, little high-pitched calls for my name, and fingers reaching under the door within a minute. I’m starting to think maybe I should leave the door open and see what happens when the mystery is taken away… Continue reading “3 Reasons Overwhelmed Moms Cry in the Shower | Part I”

Authentic Truth Check In!

I just wanted to check in and see what you’ve learned about yourself since the last post on identifying your authentic truth versus brutal honesty. Feel free to share any discoveries you’ve made or awareness that’s come to your consciousness.

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Sending you lots of love and wishing you all that you need to support you in expressing your authentic truth! ❤

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Authenticity or Brutal Honesty?

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Are you confusing authenticity with brutal honesty? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone if you are. For many years I thought that being brutally honest was speaking my authentic truth. In reality, it was just that, brutal honesty.  It wasn’t until I learned how to connect with myself on a deeper level that I was able to discover my authentic voice. You see, authenticity stems from a place of self-acceptance and self-love. So in order to speak your authentic truth, you have to nurture the relationship with yourself. Continue reading “Authenticity or Brutal Honesty?”

3 Tips to Help You Break Your Habit of Perfectionism


When I was asked what my biggest flaw was during job interviews, I used to share that I was a perfectionist. I was being honest and cheeky at the same time. See I knew full well that in the corporate world, perfectionism wasn’t a flaw at all. They saw it as someone who was dedicated, who would do things right the first time, who would pay attention to the details, who had high expectations, someone who did their best at all times. While all of that is true to a certain point, I really did mean it was a flaw. Continue reading “3 Tips to Help You Break Your Habit of Perfectionism”

Why Growth can be a Lonely Journey & that’s OK!

As I sat coloring with my daughter and listening to Maroon 5, I received the message to share with you this week. You see, my daughter only knows Maroon 5’s more recent tracks but I’m a long-time fan. The sound they have today is very different than the one they had before my daughter was born 9 years ago. As I listened to their older songs that made me fall in love with the group, I realized their progression is a lot like life. We all go through periods of growth which brings change. Sometimes the change is gradual with a long period of transition and others it’s abrupt. Continue reading “Why Growth can be a Lonely Journey & that’s OK!”

Face Yourself


I grew up in a military family moving from place to place roughly every 4 years. That was my sense of normal and as I grew up, I found myself wanting to move regularly. I thought it was because moving was my sense of normal but recently I realized I don’t have that impulse to move. You see before, I was moving as a way of running. Running away from myself and hoping happiness would find me at my next destination. It worked a little bit because of course there was always the excitement of something new. Yet once that novelty wore off, I caught up with myself.  Continue reading “Face Yourself”