Don’t Stunt Your Growth!

I have to admit there was a vast portion of my life where I tried to avoid challenge. I was a perfectionist and wanted to be good at everything I did. I saw weakness when I was challenged and would try to avoid it at all costs. Continue reading “Don’t Stunt Your Growth!”

Set Your August Intentions


As we’re about to step into a new month, it’s a great time for reflection. A time to evaluate the past month and what’s worked well for you, what you want to continue, and what you want to stop. This is a great way to keep your intention fresh in your mind and be open to ways to make it come to fruition. Continue reading “Set Your August Intentions”

Sandy Pit of Overwhelm

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Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed like you’re in quicksand and can’t get out? I know this happens to me every now and then. It can be so difficult to pull yourself out but you have to find your way back to level ground. When I’m at that point, I have a way of giving into that sinking feeling and thinking things are worse than they are. Continue reading “Sandy Pit of Overwhelm”

Attack Success


Today’s post is inspired by a fortune cookie my daughter opened for me over the weekend. I’d gone from feeling very empowered after a meeting with a writing mentor to feeling a little discouraged on my business front. Continue reading “Attack Success”

Find a Way!

Happy Monday! Starting off yet another week. I can’t believe we’re in July already! That means we are half-way through the year. Makes me think about the goals I set and intentions Continue reading “Find a Way!”

Holding it Together

This is for all of you who are struggling to keep things together. I want to encourage you to lean on those around you for support. Don’t take on more than you can handle. You don’t have to do it all or have it all together all of the time. Continue reading “Holding it Together”

Cultivate Happiness!

I think this quote is incredibly powerful! Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking others are happy because of luck, fortune, wealth, or anything else. Happiness is cultivated! You can want for nothing and still not be happy. Today I just wanted to encourage you to remember to cultivate your happiness!  Continue reading “Cultivate Happiness!”

Consistency Yields Results!

Happy Monday everyone! I hate to sound like a broken record, I know I recently shared a similar message but I have a feeling someone needs to be reminded of this today. In a world of instant gratification and instant results, it’s easy to feel like we’re failing or lacking in some way when things don’t come together as quickly as we’d like or on the first time around.  Continue reading “Consistency Yields Results!”

Self-Compassion Could Change Your Life!

Following the theme of this week’s Kindness Challenge prompt of self-compassion, I wanted to share this message to start off your week!

Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens. -Louise Hay Continue reading “Self-Compassion Could Change Your Life!”

Your Birthright

Soulful Sunday (3)

This week’s motivation is in line with the message for The Kindness Challenge. The focus is self-love and I mentioned self-love being your birthright. Just as kings and queens don’t have to do anything to be deemed royal, you don’t have to do anything to prove your right to love or be loved. Continue reading “Your Birthright”