Celebrate Every Day


I remember dreading Mondays but I’m at a place where it doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Friday, my zest for the day is the same! Continue reading “Celebrate Every Day”

Mindful Monday- Beach Meditation

Another reblog. I love Mindful Mondays but haven’t been able to write any fresh content so I’ll share one of my favorites. Happy Monday!

The Richness of a Simple Life

I got in touch with a friend this week to see if she wanted to join me to meditate outside and off we went to a quiet secluded beach. We found a nice spot and caught the last few moments of the sunset. This was one of the most amazing meditation sessions I’ve ever had.

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Mindful Monday- 33 Day Reflection

This weekend marked 33 days of gratitude that I was encouraged to do after attending the meditation retreat I wrote about. We were taught different pressure points on our hands to use to work on different things for example letting go of ego, releasing emotions that aren’t yours, igniting child-like innocence among others. Most of us were new to meditating and the thought of meditating daily was daunting. After an entire weekend spent meditating, it became much easier! Continue reading “Mindful Monday- 33 Day Reflection”

Mindful Monday- Mindful Spaces

The more I practice mindfulness, the more I want to have a space dedicated to it. Our apartment is a nice size but oddly shaped. I could move things around and give myself a little corner but with a one year old running, climbing and getting into everything I feel like I need more than just a corner. In reality a decent comfy cushion and a quiet space would suffice.
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