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Not only am I hosting the Kindness Challenge, but I'm participating in it as well! Let's see, my hope is that by focusing on different aspects of kindness for 7 weeks it will become not only a habit but part of my lifestyle. I've come a long way over the years becoming a more ) …

#MomLife Monday REBLOG! It turns out, I was right!!

This is an inspiring story that I think these two ladies should turn into a book someday! I don’t know the details but from this post alone I can see the healing that has come out of using blogging as a way to voice their thoughts. I’m not going to give away the post but Jess and Stephanie, I can definitely see this motivating other blended families to find ways to make it work. I hope that things just get better from here and that you continue to find healing and ways of making it work for the kids and both of their families 🙂

Making Time For Me

So yesterday I posted “I Know and Thank You“.

I thought about writing this post before I did it.  I thought that if it was her and she wanted to identify herself then she could.  If it wasn’t her then it wouldn’t much matter.  Lastly, if she wasn’t comfortable identifying herself, then everything would continue on as it had.

Well sometime around 9am yesterday the blog that I suspected was her “liked” my post. After I noticed that, I send J a text and I said “Was I right, is it you?”  She messaged me back nearly instantly and said “It’s Me.”

This led to an entire day of communicating back and forth.  Apologies for hurt, wrong doings in the past, actions that we can’t take back and most importantly how we made each other feel.

I have been following her and enjoying her posts for MONTHS.  I…

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#Momlife Monday- Raising A Close-knit family in the digital age


Pulling out a #Momlife Monday post from my archives. I talked about raising a close-knit family in the digital age. This was written just as I started posting daily and will be new to pretty much everyone because it only had 7 views…

Can you relate? What are ways that you try to focus on raising a close-knit family? Do you have any ideas that you’d like to share with others? Is this something you’ve thought about but haven’t yet implemented? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

The Richness of a Simple Life

Every generation sees their share of modern advancements. From a technological standpoint we have never been at the pinnacle we are now. Electronics and gadgets are everywhere you look. They consume the attention of people walking, driving, working, and being. Anywhere you go you see faces glued to screens. Attention diverted. Non-stop entertainment. “Social” media.

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