#Momlife Monday: Role-Playing

A couple of weeks ago I posted about letting yourself be silly and letting your kids see a lighter side if yourself. This week I'm going to piggyback on that post. My daughter and I were walking to volleyball practice and she wanted to play make-believe. Naturally, she was the mom and I was her. I couldn't stop laughing!

Travel Thursdays-A Place You Love

This Travel Thursday post is both for my regular Travel Thursday series but also for the February Love Is In Da Blog challenge. As I write this, the prompt hasn't been posted. In thinking of the theme description provided, it says to write about a place that you love. The first place that comes to mind is a place that I don't have to travel to reach.

#MomLife Monday- Step 1 (Slow down)

I told you in a previous post that I was going to update you on how we did each month implementing the gentle parenting step of the month. Step 1 was to slow down. Hubby and I read this step a couple of times throughout the month. The first time to discuss it and then a couple times to remember to put it into practice.

#MomLife Monday- Navigating the Parenting Waters

In the beginning, it was relatively easy. I mean what is there to disagree on? How to put on a diaper? We had roughly 8 and a half months to talk about and prepare for the choices we knew we needed to make together- sleeping arrangements, feeding, health related issues, gadgets, names. The tough part didn’t come until years later, starting with discipline. What is acceptable and what’s not? How do you communicate that? Once it was beyond, “no, no”, “don’t touch”, and “don’t eat that” it started to get tricky.