Parenting Book Club!


Attention book club members!

This week’s unit is available! Enter the member’s area to see this week’s reading unit. If you haven’t joined yet, we’re reading How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk. It’s a great book that doesn’t just give the theory behind communication but also teaches us to do so more efficiently. Continue reading “Parenting Book Club!”

Travel Agent vs Tour Guide Parenting

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I’ve seen myself grow and go through changes as a parent. When I first became a mom, I thought my role as a parent was one of a dictator. I made all decisions, set all of the rules, and had to demand compliance no matter what. Luckily, a few years into parenting right when I actually had to start putting things into action, I discovered Continue reading “Travel Agent vs Tour Guide Parenting”

Summer Activity

While kids look forward to their summer break, parents often feel more pressure to keep kids entertained. This week I’m sharing a craft that’s fun and ensures your kids don’t forget what they learned before school let out! The great thing is, you probably have most of the supplies at home already! If not, get creative and use what you have readily available.  Continue reading “Summer Activity”

Parenting Book Club |New Unit Discussion!

Attention book club members!

Just wanted to let you know that next unit is ready for you! The discussion is open, the reading for the week has been laid out, and the fun begins! Members, click here to see this week’s unit! Continue reading “Parenting Book Club |New Unit Discussion!”

Child-lead Memory-making Learning


One thing I particularly enjoy about homeschooling is the approach of child-lead learning. While I’ve decided to order curriculum to make planning easier for me, there are so many opportunities to teach. You don’t have to be a homeschooled family to do it either. For instance, my girls and I read The Boxcar Children before they go to bed. We were reading a chapter about the kids needing to write but they didn’t have a pen to write with. I asked my daughter what they could use instead of a pen given their circumstances. Continue reading “Child-lead Memory-making Learning”

Parenting Book Club |Unit 1

Attention book club members!

Just wanted to let you know that the first unit is ready for you! The discussion is open, the reading for the week has been laid out, and the fun begins! Click the photo to see this week’s unit.  Continue reading “Parenting Book Club |Unit 1”

Parenting Book Club!

Attention book club members and those interested! 

Those of you who have signed up for the book club, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve sent an email Continue reading “Parenting Book Club!”

Oak Meadow here we come!

I was recently considering enrolling my daughter in a local Waldorf school. I absolutely loved everything about it but after weighing the pros and cons, it’s not going to work for our family at this time. Instead, I’ve decided to utilize a Waldorf inspired curriculum to homeschool this year. Continue reading “Oak Meadow here we come!”

Parenting Book Club!

Attention Book Club members and those interested!


Initially, I was going to roll this information out on Monday but in order to make sure those interested in participating receive their books on time, I want to get this out ASAP. I recently decided to start a book club for parents. I have a book selected that we’ll work through in units. The book is about communication and has tips, techniques, and exercises for us to implement. In order to accommodate all those interested, I’m breaking the reading down into roughly 10-page units. It makes it easy to work into our schedules and puts the focus on implementing what we read. Continue reading “Parenting Book Club!”

Waldorf Education

This mama’s soul was set on fire a few days ago! Personally, I’m not a fan of conventional education systems. Too much value is placed on achievement, grades, and collective progress. Not enough value is placed on developing strategies and providing tools that will serve kids as they get older. Kids are taught with the intention of passing standardized tests. As a parent, I’m more interested in my children learning to utilize tools, come up with strategies, and work through processes in ways they can apply to any area of their lives. It’s my belief that school should be a place that helps children develop as individuals and supports their development to adapt to the real world. What I see in school is a place where children are generally expected to conform, do things the same way, and are measured by the results.  Continue reading “Waldorf Education”