Parenting Book Club |New Unit Discussion!

Attention book club members!

Just wanted to let you know that next unit is ready for you! The discussion is open, the reading for the week has been laid out, and the fun begins! Members, click here to see this week’s unit! Continue reading “Parenting Book Club |New Unit Discussion!”

Raising Positive Kids Part I

This post comes by request after Tikeetha read a post on perception determining your reality. She asked for tips on shaping your child’s perception when they tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. This is something adults and children alike struggle with. If children can be taught how to deal with this from an early age, it will be something that can serve them well as they grow. I’m going to share my personal practice I’ve used to train my brain to pay attention to the positive things. These tips will be a combination of what you can do as the parent in addition to what you can teach your child.

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Parenting Book Club |Unit 1

Attention book club members!

Just wanted to let you know that the first unit is ready for you! The discussion is open, the reading for the week has been laid out, and the fun begins! Click the photo to see this week’s unit.  Continue reading “Parenting Book Club |Unit 1”

Couple Name


I think it’s funny how celebrity couples have couple names. You know the funny combination of each partner’s name? I thought it would be fun to share a nickname based on something you love Continue reading “Couple Name”

Love, Desire & Connection

I found this talk very interesting. The speaker, Esther Perel touches on some very interesting points about desire in a relationship. She mentions that any place that romanticism touches, there’s a crisis of desire. I had to watch this a few times because there are so many things to reflect on, I couldn’t take it all in at once. The question I present to you from this video is

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Parenting Book Club!

Attention Book Club members and those interested!


Initially, I was going to roll this information out on Monday but in order to make sure those interested in participating receive their books on time, I want to get this out ASAP. I recently decided to start a book club for parents. I have a book selected that we’ll work through in units. The book is about communication and has tips, techniques, and exercises for us to implement. In order to accommodate all those interested, I’m breaking the reading down into roughly 10-page units. It makes it easy to work into our schedules and puts the focus on implementing what we read. Continue reading “Parenting Book Club!”

What Makes you a Great Partner?

Just like each mug is a separate and complete heart, that’s how we should build partnerships; as separate yet complete individuals.


Today I’m curious to know what makes you a great partner. A lot of times, I think society deems a relationship is good in terms of what the other person does for you. It’s no secret that I believe it takes two complete people to come together to form a strong partnership. Continue reading “What Makes you a Great Partner?”

Groceries & Family Dynamics


One thing I don’t particularly enjoy doing is grocery shopping. It’s a necessary evil, I know but hear me out. I plan the meals, make the list, prep the food, cook it, serve it, I think I can get away without shopping for it. That being said, after not stepping foot in a grocery store for months, I do enjoy going every now and then because it feels new. The funny thing is, I never know what I’m going to get. My husband inevitably mixes things up or just forgets to grab ingredients. That’s considering I send him with a checklist organized by the order he’ll find things in the aisles.  Continue reading “Groceries & Family Dynamics”

Playful Memories

As a kid, I remember spending a lot of time playing outside. I lived in a small town in Germany and we had a large yard to play in. I spent a lot of my afterschool and weekends playing make-believe outside, running, riding my bike, and in the yard. My mom could see us from the kitchen window and we would have the kids that lived down the street come play. Continue reading “Playful Memories”

Quality Time


I think an important element to preserve in a relationship is quality time alone. Life gets busy between work, hectic schedules, kids, and finding time to relax. But, having that regular time you can be alone and bond with your partner is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship. For me, the key to this is quality. Continue reading “Quality Time”