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Teaser Tuesday

While you can't go through life without a care in the world, you also don't need to go through it stressed, frustrated and carrying negative emotions from one day to the next. I love the insights and the quick easy to read chapters.

Teaser Tuesday- The First Book I fell In Love WIth

There is no denying that something drew my attention to this book on the list and to this day I can still remember the passion and love that I developed for this book as I read it. It was the first time that I formed an attachment to a character. Jonas, the protagonist was around my age and came from a small family; I could relate to him. This was the first book that I used critical thinking skills and found myself trying to predict what would happen. I didn’t read it as a picture book just absorbing the plot as it came. I tried to see where the author led me and soon this assigned book became my first love.

Sweetheart Saturday- Learning A Foreign Language

I often think that it is difficult for two people from different backgrounds, family dynamics, cultures, religions and whatever else might distinguish these two unique individuals that come together and form a unit. As a person you evolve, who you are today isn't necessarily who you will be a year from now or ten years from now. Aside from that, being in a relationship in a time of instant results, instant gratification, and acceptance of divorce is a tight rope to walk. Divorce doesn't have the taboo that it once did. So choosing to stay with someone in spite of their flaws, after you've seen them on their best and worst day, and making the choice to spend your life with them is a pretty special thing in my humble opinion.