A Place that stirred my Very soul.

Ellen decided to post about a building she loves as well. Take a peek at her post, you’ll be glad you did. Both her memory and the story she shares are beautiful. Thanks Ellen for joining me in the Love Is In Da Blog prompt. Enjoy!


The Lotus temple is my favorite building, the one above all others that has come to be the beginning of a new me; a second chance.
Whilst working in India I had the chance to visit this amazing marble clad structure. My visit was the most ethereal moving experience I have encountered.
I was doing a whistle stop, sightseeing, must do on your last day bus tour – not the way I like to do things, but people had presented me with the ticket, and they were so proud of their country and my gift there could only be  graciousness with my acceptance.
I may at another time elaborate on this extrordinary day, but for the moment I will introduce the building in all its spiritual beauty.


This picture  for which i am very greatful is from pixaby link below.

Now for Facts.

Lotus temple is open to people…

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Tuesday Tao- Which means more?

This translation (found here) resonates with me. It touches on many things I have taken into consideration in my quest to live a truly rich life by getting back to the basics. I’ve realized that a rich life can be achieved by learning to live with less. Less things, less money, less lusting, less of whatever it is that is holding you back from finding fulfillment in your life.