Emotional First Aid

This week has been a bit hectic so I’m digging through the archive to revive a post I shared a couple of months back.

I found a talk to share for today’s post. I really enjoyed this but just wanted to advise that if you watch, please watch it to the end. The speaker makes some really great points even though he isn’t a “real doctor”. The point that I identified with the most was rumination. One of the most unhealthy habits I had was not only constantly complaining but not being able to let go of things that happened. It greatly contributed to fueling the negative mindset I had. Learning how to change that was one of the healthiest choices I made. The way that worked for me was through starting a gratitude practice. Not just saying grace before I ate or a few superficial words of thanks. Actually making it a point to be genuinely grateful various times throughout my day. I just wanted to share that with you in case it’s something you want to try should you struggle with this same habit.

If you currently struggle with spiraling into negative thinking, self-defeating thoughts, depression, anxiety or the like, I want to encourage you to seek out the tools, resources, and support you need. As someone who was chronically depressed for the majority of my life, I can now say that I’ve overcome it. For me, it started with having a breakdown that put me in a position where I saw how badly I needed a change. Once that was clear as day to me, I wanted to find a way to overcome it. It took me two years of practicing healthy habits to finally do it.

My family couldn’t want it for me, love it out of me, or pray it away. It took a lot of inner strength I didn’t think I had, a lot of motivation I didn’t know I was capable of, and a lot of perseverance I had to build up. It wasn’t easy but it’s been worth it. This was just my personal experience. For anyone who knows how I felt nearly 5 years ago when I didn’t want to wake up to live another day, I want to remind you that you still have a chance. There’s still hope, you’ve got what it takes. Please contact a national hotline or an organization that can help steer you in a direction that can help. You can also look for more resources like this talk, books, or support groups.

Share what spoke to you most in the comments after you see this talk. May you get what you need from it.

Sending you lots of love!



6 Replies to “Emotional First Aid”

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Yoly ❤ It can be really difficult. Just when I think I have it figured out, I discover something else I can add to my emotional first aid kit. Wanting and being open to learning is so important because from that place you can discover what works. Sending you lots of love and support knowing what you need will cross your path ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. Thank you for being so open ❤ I read this after a couple of really tough, emotional days and as a fellow chronically depressed individual, this was such a relatable post. Thank you for your openness. I hope I'll be as open as you are! ❤

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    1. I’m so glad you found this and it resonated with you so deeply. One thing I know is that I felt very alone for many years. As I was on the road to progress, I told myself I would never forget about the people who are where I was. I would come back for them. Not to save them but to empower them to save themselves. It’s by sharing my experience openly and honestly that others can find the strength and courage that lies within them. I never want people to feel like they are alone or their struggle is unique. That gives hopelessness incredible fuel to continue to run one’s life. You are as open as you feel comfortable being. Right now, having the courage to say you know what that’s like is incredible. You could have just as easily read this, felt it, and moved on. Thank you for being brave enough to speak up. It’s liberating to share with someone else, and it encourages others who might read your comment. Thank you for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon ❤

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