Accountability is a Practice!

Accountability breeds


-Steven Covey

This is the message I’m sharing this week with my closed women’s group. I used to be a chronic blame shifter. I was very good at figuring out how things weren’t my fault. The thing is, finding ways to shift the responsibility was incredibly disempowering and ultimately made me feel hopeless. While shifting blame gave me a level of relief in the moment, it also shifted the sense of power that I had in my own life. This week I want to encourage you to evaluate if you’re as good at accepting responsibility as you are accepting credit. At the end of the day, learning to take accountability is how we are able to grow and make better choices. We have multiple opportunities each day to put this into practice!


If you haven’t already joined the sisterhood, I invite you to do so. This week I shared a HUGE mistake I made on Saturday and how it was an opportunity to practice being accountable.

Sending you lots of love and wishing you all that you need to support you in being accountable to yourself and others.

-Niki Meadows


3 Replies to “Accountability is a Practice!”

  1. Ditto! Great message, it makes a huge difference not only for yourself but for those around you to learn to take accountability when needed. It builds character and trust, I am all for spreading this message, some could learn to recognize the positive in just taking responsibility instead of shifting blame. Great post!


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