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alisa-anton-144490Yesterday was my favorite day of the year! While the food is always amazing and the company is even better, my favorite part is the way marinating in gratitude makes me feel. So today, I wanted to invite each of you to share what you’re most grateful for today.  I’ll start us off there, feel free to share in the comments! I have many things to be grateful for. Today, I’m most grateful for health and family. I look forward to celebrating what you’re grateful for in the comments.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

-William Arthur Ward

In the meantime, I’m pleased to introduce you to this week’s Follow Friday line up!

  • At Lifestyle for All, you can find posts about fashion, beauty, and motivation! Check out her Instagram account here!
    • She suggests checking out fellow lifestyle and travel blogger, Lisa over at From Dream to Plan.  

  • Shana is a travel blogger with a mission to help people find affordable ways to incorporate travel into their lives. From trips to inspiration, this is a blog you’ll want to stop by before planning your next trip!

  • Truer than True is a 20’s lifestyle blog bringing awareness to living with endometriosis.
    •  She suggests checking out Annie, a fellow lifestyle blogger and endo warrior.

Featured bloggers: Thank you for reaching out! I’m so humbled to introduce you to my blogging community! Be sure to mingle in the comments to maximize your time in the spotlight! Also reblog this post and share it on social media, the more people who see it, the more opportunities for exposure. ❤

Readers: Thanks for reading, I hope you found some new blogs to follow! If you’d like to be featured, please let me know in the comments. I feature 3 blogs a week in the order they signed up. The rules are short and simple, please provide these 3 things in a comment to make it easier for me to get the post together. You’ll need to provide me with:

  • a short description of your blog
  • the link to a blog other than your own
    • short description of what this blog about

If these 3 requirements aren’t met, I will NOT add your blog to the list! It takes me time to put this together and giving me all of the info upfront streamlines the process to feature your blog in front of my community. So thank you in advance for making it easier for me to feature you! ❤ 

mayra-carreno-62387 (1)

I also wanted to take a moment and ask you to contribute to this year’s community outreach. Last year we came together to sponsor a family for Christmas. This year, I’m working with a local church for a small group of us to volunteer our time and service and donate backpacks filled with necessities for the homeless.

Can I get 12 people to donate $2 and help me raise $24 on the 24th? Leave a comment with your donation so it can be included in a note to them. Let’s help make this year special for a group of people. There are approximately 50 individuals who will benefit from this community collaboration. Thank you so much in advance for donating in the click of a button! Be sure to share the campaign on social media to help it get more exposure.

Contribute & Share! 

Thanks again for stopping by.  Happy Friday ❤

Sending you lots of love,


6 Replies to “Lifestyle, Tips & Travel Blogs!”

  1. Hi Niki! Thank you for sharing and featuring these amazing blogs. You’ve given me so many new sites to visit and learn from. I would alos love to be featured! I started my blog almost a year ago simply as a personal journal.

    At first, I just needed an outlet to document my thoughts, but I really would like to join the blogging community and create a little family of followers of my own! I am a 20-something living in Phoenix that loves to write about the lessons I’m learning through adulting, exploring spots on my travel bucket list, and relationships. I also plan to branch out and talk about self-love and self-growth tips.

    A blog that I like to follow isn’t a beginner blog but she is a treasure chest of information to aspiring bloggers like your readers! Her name is Meylssa Griffin and you can visit her site at She has an amazing email list and has such a conversational writing style. I hope you find her content as valuable as I do 🙂

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    1. It’s so nice to meet you, I’m a Phoenix local as well! I’m so glad you found this community ❤ I have you on the list and will get your feature up in the order I received the request. I'm currently hosting a community outreach project for the homeless. If you're interested in serving the community, let me know and I'll pass you the details. Either way, thanks for stopping by ❤

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      1. That’s awesome! Well, it’s such a pleasure to meet a neighbor and a fellow blogger. I feel so happy to be a part of this community and I’m so excited for the inspiration to show in my content. I’d love to learn more about your project as well! Feel free to pass along the details and I’ll see if I can make myself available to lend a hand ❤


      1. Sorry! I got all excited and didn’t read the rules. I would recommend reading my friend and women’s wellness group co-host Meredith Moore-Painter’s blog She is also an aspiring health coach. Where I write about mindset and how it relates to food and vice versa, she writes about nutrition and fitness. She loves to share recipes, tips on living a Keto lifestyle, and fitness routines that fit into your busy life.


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