How Meet & Greets Grow Your Blog

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Before I share today’s featured blogs, I wanted to tell you a little bit about why I host Follow Friday. This is my third attempt at blogging. The first one was many years ago and didn’t last very long. I didn’t understand how to get discovered and it seemed like a waste of time to write when no one was reading. A few years later I gave it another try. The platform had changed and it was a little easier to find other blogs but this time I didn’t really know what I wanted to blog about. The third time was the charm! The blog you see today was started at the end of January 2016. Although I wasn’t crystal clear on what I wanted, I had an idea and I was in the place that I was willing to explore it. I started creating content and discovering my voice, online presence, and my message.  I still have a lot of room to grow and progress to make but I really love what I’m building.

The difference the third time was discovering the blogging community! To me, blogging is the only true social media platform. This is where people come and bare their souls, where we come to create, build relationships, and have a true sense of community. We share the good things and the bad, the curated content and the vulnerable posts, the joys and the hurts.

I host Follow Fridays because it’s a way to bring the community together and give back.

I know that getting discovered is hard work and it takes time. I can’t promise to make you go viral, but I can help you build your audience with the tips I share. For example, blog unto others as you would have them blog unto you (search for them, like their posts, and comment in earnest). Follow Friday is a way for new bloggers to find the community hiding in plain sight. It’s a way to help bloggers remember that while we all want to be seen, one of the most important aspects of blogging is connecting with your audience. When I started blogging, reaching 4,000 followers wasn’t even a thought in my mind. I was just happy to get a like and a comment on the same day! To reach 4,000 followers is something I’m profoundly grateful for. I haven’t forgotten my roots. It’s by attending meet and greets, looking for other blogs, and leaving genuine comments on posts that I was able to build my following.


Follow Friday is my way of giving back to the blogging community. It’s a thank you to all of you who have ever read a post, liked, commented, or clicked the follow button. It’s a way to help those just embarking on the journey to find others and be seen. If there’s one piece of advice I could share, it would be to slow down. Don’t be so eager to get people to your blog that you miss the opportunity to create a connection. Tell people what you enjoyed about their post, comment without trying to drop a plug for your blog, have a conversation.

So if you’re featured, want to be featured, or just want to build your following, take the time to comment because those who resonate with it will click on your username and find their way to your blog. As follow-on advice, I’d also encourage you to reblog. Not just this post, but ones that you come across that have a message that inspired you or is in line with your blog. It doesn’t have to be every post, but when you come across it. you’ll know you have to hit that reblog button! At the end of the day, we grow by shining the light on others.

This is much longer than my typical Follow Friday post but I know someone needed to hear this. If this is the difference between shutting down your blog or persevering, then it’s worth the extra 800 words 😉 It’s my pleasure to introduce you to this week’s line up!

Special Spotlight

I typically only feature those who have signed up but tonight wanted to start off with a special spotlight on a blogger I recently connected with. You know I don’t believe in chance or coincidence! I found her through a book we are both co-authors of and her story really touched me. Remember I mentioned this is the place we come to bare our souls and share our pain? That’s exactly what Angie is doing as she courageously shares how she’s kept going after losing her 19-month-old daughter back in 2014. My heart aches for you, mama. Thank you for sharing your story and your precious Bella with the world. ❤

  • Kim blogs about travel guides, simple recipes, and product reviews on her blog Pearl Grey. She provides affordable travel inspiration as she shares her adventures with her readers. You can follow along with her journey in photos on Instagram.

  • You can find a motivational blog for men over at Sword in the Woods. In addition to posts empowering men, you can also find portions of a novel about everyday heroes fighting a spiritual war.
    • He suggests checking out this post from Ancient Skies, a self-described blog full of light, poetry, and empowering words of wisdom.

  • Isabelle blogs over at My Wild Space, a place she’s free to express herself creatively with no limits! She’s a lifestyle blogger who shares posts about motivation, health, and travel among other things. You can find here on Instagram.

I also featured Inpire Me Mom last week but the link she provided was incorrect. After using this tutorial she was able to properly link her blog so I just wanted to give her a second opportunity as she wasn’t able to take advantage of the last one. I’m glad you were able to get that fixed, Melissa ❤



You know how much we value kindness around here! If you could use a daily dose, this book is for you! It has 365 stories of kindness in all forms. Over 250 authors came together to share a story with the intention of flooding the world with the knowledge of these moments of kindness. I’m so humbled to have been able to participate. You can find Angie’s story on page 345 and mine on 312. You’re still in time to get over 60 free bonus gifts, so get it now while they’re still available including one from me to you!

Featured bloggers: Thank you for reaching out! I’m so humbled to introduce you to my blogging community! Be sure to mingle in the comments to maximize your time in the spotlight! Also reblog this post and share it on social media, the more people who see it, the more opportunities for exposure. ❤

Readers: Thanks for reading, I hope you found some new blogs to follow! If you’d like to be featured, please let me know in the comments. I feature 3 blogs a week in the order they signed up. The rules are short and simple, please provide these 3 things in a comment to make it easier for me to get the post together. You’ll need to provide me with:

  • a short description of your blog
  • the link to a blog other than your own
    • short description of what this blog about

If these 3 requirements aren’t met, I will NOT add your blog to the list! It takes me time to put this together and giving me all of the info upfront streamlines the process to feature your blog in front of my community. So thank you in advance for making it easier for me to feature you! ❤ 

Thanks again for reading. If this post was meant for you to read today, let me know. It’s always nice to hear when the message has reached its recipient. ❤

Sending you lots of love,


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      1. You too! Btw there’s no limit to the amount of times you can sign up to be featured. Those who haven’t been featured get priority but I’ll always work it into the schedule.

        YAY! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Seriously that takes so much time to put together but I really love making it all pretty. I’m so glad you like it. That just made my heart swell ❤

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  1. Hi Niki! I woke up today thinking what could I do to bring more traffic to my blog. I completely forgot that you had Follow Friday.
    I don’t think my blog is in that stage that it could be featured here, but I certainly will keep that in mind. 🙂

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    1. By the way, there’s no standard. I’ve featured a blogger with 3 followers. We all have to start somewhere! If you want to wait until you have more content that’s fine but you an always sign up again down the road. There’s no limit, just those who have never been featured get priority. ❤

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      1. This is encouraging! 🙂 But I’m still trying to figure out what this blog is about. What I get there, I’ll let you know. Until then, I’ll continue to be part of the community by checking out the blogs you recommend 😉

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    1. Oh my gosh! This made my day. I was seriously thinking, I’m not going to post this it’s WAY too long. But I always go with my gut and I knew this popped into my head for a reason. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. It seriously warms my heart to know that you came across this. Everything I write is written for someone even if don’t always know who ❤

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      1. I’m really glad you did. I’m new to blogging and it is a lot harder than is sounds! And no problem, I just had to inform you of how inspired you made me feel!

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  2. Love this idea of follow Friday! I would love to sign-up to be featured. You can find my blog over at ! I blog about travel, recipes, and day-to-day life events. I am a lifestyle blogger, so my blog doesn’t really have a main focus at the moment. The other blog I want to add is ! Her blog is about style, beauty stuff, and TV shows. Jamie is super supporting in the blogging community! If you need anything else from me, please let me know! Thanks again for posting the follow Friday! It is a lovely idea and I’m so glad I came across it!

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    1. I’ve added you to the list based on the date you left your comment. Keep an eye out for when you get tagged in the post. In the meantime I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and find new blogs to follow on Fridays ❤

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