Why You’ll Never Have Time to Nurture Yourself

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That’s right, it’s not about having time, it’s about making time. As the saying goes, show me how someone spends their time and I’ll show you where their priorities lie. Let’s be real, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. How we spend it comes down to a matter of priorities. While I was comfortable with the idea that I didn’t have time to invest in myself, it came at a cost. All of that time I invested in other things meant I was regularly compromising myself. Specifically my mental and emotional health. When I reached a breaking point I knew I had to find another way. That came in the form of dedicating as much time to myself as possible.

I dropped commitments that were draining me without providing substantial value in my life or that of my family. I started listening to encouraging books on tape that I checked out from the library instead of the radio on my way to and from work. I started walking during my lunch break. I began a gratitude journal that I wrote in every evening. While I didn’t have hour long stretches throughout the day that wasn’t occupied, that didn’t mean I couldn’t utilize them in a more efficient way for my self-care.

So today I just wanted to encourage you to see where you can make time and maximize the opportunities you might be missing. The time is there, you just have to find ways to utilize it more efficiently. You’re worth being not just priority but the number 1 priority in your life. If you don’t look out for yourself, invest time and energy in yourself, and make time to nurture yourself, then who will? It’s not something people can do for you. So do yourself a favor and make some time for yourself in your life! ❤

What are your thougthts on this post? Does this give you an idea of how you can maximize your time? I’d love to hear how you plan to utilize it to nurture yourself. Feel free to share in the comments!

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As always, sending you lots of love and wishing you all that you need to make time to nurture yourself!

-Niki Meadows


24 Replies to “Why You’ll Never Have Time to Nurture Yourself”

    1. Thank you, Andrea ❤ It's more comfortable to think things come more easily to others, isn't it? In a way it makes us feel better or justified in our reality even if it's not working for us. The truth is, we have to find a way to make things happen because it's not spontaneous or always easy. Thanks for stopping by, always nice to see you ❤

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  1. I love this post SO much!!! The quote is amazing and I love that you included the saying “show me how someone spends their time and I’ll show you where their priorities lie.” This couldn’t be more true. I always find myself thinking “I don’t have time” but in reality I do have time, I’m just not utilizing it properly!

    I’ve also been listing to audiobooks in the car. Currently I’m listening to The Secret and I’m so loving it, if you haven’t read it already I highly recommend!

    Do you have any audiobook recommendations?

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    1. Awww thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! Thank you, I’ve found that to be my truth and figured someone could benefit from it. I’m glad you were able to realize the time is there it's just a matter of utilizing it more efficiently!

      Ooooh I loved The Secret! You might actually be interested in the manifestation tips referenced at the end of this post!

      Actually, I have a closed group on Facebook for women and we'll be starting our first book club book in January. You'll be interested in it since you enjoyed this post. All of the details are in the Files tab in the Book Club document. Feel free to check it out and follow along with the audible version! ❤


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    1. I used to feel the same way until I reframed my perspective. I used to think it was selfish but the way I look at it now is different. It’s not I’m #1 at the expense of others, I’m #1 in my life so I can better serve others. It reminds me of the oxygen mask on the planes. If your mask isn’t on, you won’t be able to properly assist others. If I’m taking care of myself first and foremost, I’m at my best so I can better cater to others. ❤

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  2. I seriously love this. I think it is easy an more routine for people to say they “don’t have time”, like you said, if you want to take that time for yourself, you have to make time! Self care and self love are seriously so important. xo

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    1. Yeah, that seems to be the standard acceptable excuse that no one questions. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s worth it! They are incredibly important! Thanks for stopping by, Courtney ❤


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