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Giving is part of my life, my business, and my blog! Opening up my platform to help bloggers get exposure to a new audience and connect readers with blogs they haven’t discovered is a way that I can give back to the blogging community. I am so excited to introduce you to the following lifestyle bloggers!

  • Faith has a lifestyle blog where she shares all thing makeup, fashion, travel related as a college student. You can find her tips and insights over on Doing Life with Faith.
    • She suggests checking out Abi, a 14-year-old lifestyle blogger, and photographer. 

  • Tameka is a lifestyle blogger over at Pretty Pink & Girly who writes about food, music, and poems. She’s new to the blogosphere so in an effort to introduce her to some wonderful bloggers in our community, so I’m happy to introduce you to @BenAqiba. Ben is incredibly kind, thoughtful, and supportive. Whenever I see his name in my notifications, I know he’s left a kind-hearted comment. You can visit his uplifting blog here.

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I encourage you to check out the blogging tips I’ve put together. Click on the image to browse the posts. I’ve created them so seasoned bloggers and beginners alike can understand them. You might learn something new or be reminded of something you’ve forgotten over time..

Featured bloggers: Thank you for reaching out! I’m so humbled to introduce you to my blogging community! Be sure to mingle in the comments to maximize your time in the spotlight! ❤

Thanks for reading, I hope you found some new blogs to add to your reader! If you’d like to be featured, please let me know in the comments. I feature 3 blogs a week in the order they signed up. The rules are short and simple, please provide these 3 things in a comment to make it easy on me to get the post together. You’ll need to provide me with:

  • a short description of your blog
  • the link to a blog other than your own
    • short description of what this blog about

If these 3 requirements aren’t met, I will NOT add your blog to the list! It takes me time to put this together and giving me all of the info upfront streamlines the process to feature your blog in front of my community. So thank you in advance for making it easier for me to feature you! ❤ 

Thanks again for reading, I can’t wait to hear of the things you’ve discovered and wonderful people you’ve connected with. Happy FriYAY!

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  1. Hey! I would be loved to be featured on your blog girl! I dont know how to summerise my blog up its a mixture of poetry and a different look at life and its ways! Its also a way for me to get my debut book out there! A blog I love to read is
    She posts great tips on university and how students can do better on their studies and relax at the same time! We also started blogging at the same time so it’s great to share our journey together!

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    1. It’s so nice to meet you, Aishah! I’ve got you down on the list and you’ll be featured based on the date you left your comment. Be on the lookout! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and find new bloggers to add to your reader ❤

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  2. Awesome! I’d also love to have a chance to be featured.
    My website:
    Another blog I love:
    What my blog is about: my blog is geared to showing what it’s like living in a large family and to share stories and things I love. I also have photography showcased and I am trying to get into freelance writing.


    1. Nice to meet you. Hanna. I’ve got you on the list, you’ll be featured based on the date you commented. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and fill your reader with new blogs to follow in the meantime.


  3. I am a Lifestyle blogger . I share tips on hair, makeup, Fashion and so on.

    You should checkout, she gives good advice and inspirational talks on different things.

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    1. So nice to meet you, Monica! I’ve got you down for the feature. Be on the lookout for your blog being linked in the notifications. You’ll be featured based on the date you sent your request. Just so you know, if you drop a comment on the day it posts, you’ll have more success with people visiting. Help people get to know you and they’ll stop by. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer! ❤

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  4. Hi Niki! I love that you do this, it gives small bloggers like me a little bit of faith that I’ll gain a following some day. I’d love to be featured.
    My blog is about my thoughts and feelings surrounding the experiences I go through and the world around me, the eyes of a 20-something knowing that we all go through similar experiences one way or another.
    Another blog I like to read is
    I find the posts are relatable, funny and interesting presented in a unique way that really does make me feel like getting my shit together!


    1. Honestly, this is one of the keys to being discovered! Blogging is all about community and connection! I have some great tips on how I grew my blog here ( You can also find tips for the day to day blog stuff in the menu under Blog Topics-> Blogging Tips.

      I have you on the list to be featured in the order I received your request. Be on the lookout for that notification. When the day comes, be sure to leave a comment. Those who make the effort to engage are the ones who are seen. Share something about yourself so that people who have similar interests head over to your blog. It’s so nice to connect with you. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer in the meantime ❤

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  5. Love that you give this opportunity to other bloggers! I just began and I am super excited to continue my blogging journey! ღ

    If you ever need another blog to feature, I’m here for ya. (;

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