Reconnect with Yourself to Build the Life You Want!

Learning to cultivate the relationship with myself was one of the biggest steps I took after overcoming depression. It was like reacquainting yourself with someone you hadn’t seen in ages, except that someone was myself! Aside from battling depression, I spent so much time juggling the different roles in my life (mom, wife, working outside of the home, daughter, friend, volunteer, etc.) that I didn’t know where the roles ended and I began. Over time, I lost my sense of self. […]

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3 Replies to “Reconnect with Yourself to Build the Life You Want!”

  1. Things get better when you get better; so I think after the damage first thing is to make yourself healthy; emotionally and physically. It takes a-lot of time but eventually one starts to live again. People may ask how they come to know it. The answer to this is, they can feel it in their bones.

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    1. You’re going to like tonight’s post then! I’m all about the health of the whole being (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual!). It does take time. That’s one thing I think is important to understand because change doesn’t happen overnight it’s the results of our consistent efforts. The amount of time it takes will vary but it will happen. Yess! I’m all about the feeling and intuition! I live from a place of listening to my heart and gut! Thanks for stopping by ❤

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