The Energy You Surround Yourself With!

Here’s this week’s message to open your consciousness and draw your awareness to something you might need to be mindful of. Energy is contagious, do you surround yourself with people whose energy is on the same wavelength as yours? This goes for online in addition to in-person. 

motivational quote

Let me know in the comments what comes up for you as you read this week’s quote! Is this a reminder you needed? Happy Monday! Sending you lots of love!!



9 Replies to “The Energy You Surround Yourself With!”

  1. Hi Niki

    I really believe in energy, and I am sure that around us pure energy, and we are the pure energy. We are made from atoms , just like the universe. Atoms is made from energy, which vibrate with certain frequency.Just like nature. Our every organ have its own frequency . So if we are in the same frequency level with other people, they affect on us positively , and vice versa 🙂

    Great quote

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  2. Love this message. So true and yes, feel and listen to the energy around you. We are all connected by the same energy, so it is indeed wise to listen to the messages it’s send. Thank you dear Nikki, needed the reminder and in a way the validation 😉


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