Press Pause & Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

Think about the last time you had a few minutes to just be. Not work, run errands, do a favor, tidy up, check an email, jump online. A moment to just be in the moment. Do you remember what that feels like? I know there was a time in my life that I felt like […]

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9 Replies to “Press Pause & Connect with Your Inner Wisdom”

    1. Funny you say that. I was telling my mom today that at my old job about 5 years ago, they had the whole company take this personality test. The idea was to help us communicate more effectively based on how we received and processed information. Well as I took the test, I kept asking myself how I should answer the question. There were multiple choices and there was an answer I’d select if the scenario was in my personal life and a totally different one if it was work related. At the end of the test, your results gave you 1 or 2 colors. I was the only person company wide who had a 3-way tie between colors. And it’s funny because I took that same test last year without realizing it and I was clearly one color. What that showed me was that I wasn’t in alignment with myself. Every day at work I had to be someone I wasn’t in order to get the job done and be efficient and be all of the things that were expected of me in my position. But I’m an empath and someone who thinks with my heart. I’m a creative who prefers to get my hands dirty and go with my gut than analyze and follow rigid formulas. So I can relate with not feeling like I was myself. Now I’m so in alignment it’s amazing! May you find the way to connect with yourself, your true self. ❤


      1. I bet ya and I’ve taken similar treats and always answered them as best I can in an honest fashion. I try and work as me, but in truth am I? I’m not sure…
        I hope I find the tell me too… I dunno though, I’m not sure I’m getting anywhere ❤️

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