Celebrate Every Day


I remember dreading Mondays but I’m at a place where it doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Friday, my zest for the day is the same! I had to learn to get to that point but I just wanted to encourage anyone with a case of the Monday Blues. It’s not the day, it’s the life you’re creating. What is it that you’re really dreading about starting another week? That might be a good indication of a change you need to make in your life. I encourage you to digest that food for thought. Here’s to being grateful for every day just because we’re here to make the most of it!

Sending you lots of love and wishing you all that you need to support you to make every day feel like Friday! ❤


I’ve created a practice to help you get your day off to a good start! Click photo for details.


20 Replies to “Celebrate Every Day”

  1. So true… The only times I’ve dreaded Mondays was when I had jobs where I derived little meaningful satisfaction. When I’ve worked in places, or at activities, where I feel like I’m achieving something important to me, the dread just… vanishes. Good reminder about examining those feelings to identify changes we need to make. Happy start of the week!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

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    1. That was a big part of it for me as well. I have my own business now and work doesn’t feel like work at all! Of course, I put a lot of energy and effort into it but that sense of dread is non-existent! I’m so glad that you’re in a good place! Have a great week, thanks for stopping by! ❤


  2. Niki, this is a powerful question, “What is it that you’re really dreading about starting another week?” I am thrilled with my life today but the next time I struggle on a Monday I will put your question into good use. Thanks.

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  3. Thank you for the love Niki. I can feel it. ♥️

    I too look forward to Mondays. I didn’t always. But I do now. So grateful for the opportunity to work with young people. They are our future. And any seed I have the opportunity to plant comes back tenfold.

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