Who Do You Follow & Why?

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I’ve noticed that I don’t follow many people on social media who work in the same industry as I do. It’s not something I initially did on purpose but I have become more aware of those I choose to follow online. While there are certainly many great people to draw inspiration from, I don’t want to put myself in a position where I’m trying to mimic, replicate, or compete with what they’re doing. One thing I’ve experienced is that there’s a fine line between inspiration and imitation

While I certainly draw inspiration from others, I try to challenge myself. I value my intuition as my greatest source of inspiration. Aside from that, I listen to podcasts and follow people who work in a completely unrelated field than I do. I open myself up to learn from them and allow them to spark unexpected inspiration. I’m sharing this because I’ve found some amazing people to follow that I never would have found if I was only paying attention to what other life coaches or female entrepreneurs were doing. I encourage you to follow people who not only inspire you but challenge you because great things come when you play outside of your comfort zone!

There’s a lot to be said about the company we keep and that includes online. Do you surround yourself with people on social media who inspire you?

Wishing you all that you need to spark your inspiration!

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14 Replies to “Who Do You Follow & Why?”

  1. Great post Niki! I don’t always follow everyone and there are “big” names in my niche that I don’t follow bc I don’t find what they offer to be true to my values. I def trust my intuition too when it comes to this. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. When I first began my blog, I instinctively followed writers rather than food bloggers. Then I began attracting food and wellness bloggers whovI enjoyed reading but now realise that often they will have a post on a similar topic to one I had in mind or even had scheduled, and I cancel mone because I don’t want it to seem like I copied their idea. It’s a tricky one.

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    1. I can see that. At the end of the day we’re all bound to share something similar in our niches. Personally, I’d just post it anyway or schedule it for a later date if it feels like it’s just to similar to cause speculation. If I draw inspiration from someone then I mention them in the post. If it’s purely happenstance I chalk it up to being on the same wavelength and put my work out there. We’re all writing to different audiences and although there’s overlap I know that 100% of my followers don’t see what I read so if they get what they need elsewhere, perfect! Personally, I prefer to follow those in a different arena all together and enjoy their work and see what it inspires. Glad you’re one of those people ❤

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  3. Hi Niki! I follow bloggers of all different genres. And it really depends on my mood and what I’m interested in at that particular time. I seem to be fascinated by a certain subject and after I’ve had my fill, I move on to the next thought du jour🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓


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