Relativity & Perception

Something that’s been getting my attention lately is relativity. This ties into perception and how things aren’t always what they seem. Time, space, size, distance are all examples of things that are relative. Two minutes might not seem like much time if you’re waiting for food to heat up but getting to an airport two minutes late you could miss your plane. Twenty miles doesn’t seem like a long distance to drive but might seem like a daunting distance to walk.

I don’t know why but this has been turning around in my mind a lot lately. It made me think of the shift that I had to make in my own perception several years ago. I used to be pessimistic and see everything as a challenge. It was overwhelming and I felt defeated. After doing a lot of work I was able to change the way I saw things and not just think positive thoughts but change my approach to challenges. Instead of feeling defeated, I found excitement, adventure, and opportunities for growth.

While we all face different challenges throughout our lives, our approach is determined by our perception. Sometimes things feel bigger, harder, or more challenging than they really are. If we can find a way to change our perspective and take a step back, we might be able to find an approach that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Today I just wanted to encourage those who are feeling overwhelmed, stuck or defeated. I know it can be hard to get out of that place but if you can challenge yourself to look at your situation from a different point of view you just might come up with an approach you haven’t tried yet.


21 Replies to “Relativity & Perception”

      1. Don’t say that too loudly, I don’t want everyone to know. lol
        Thing is that in this ever crowded world we need acceptance more then ever and it’s perhaps in many in shorter supply than ever. Thanks Niki 🙂


  1. Sometimes I write down what seems challenging and then make it into steps. Then make that step into a smaller step. I have experienced that “it” can seem overwhelming because it is. It’s our bodies way of saying “you really need a smaller step”…”that’s too much”. My 2 cents! This is a Martha Beck idea…making the steps smaller and smaller.

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    1. I agree, if there’s too much it has to be broken down. That can be better understood by taking a step back so you can see the whole picture and take it one step at a time. Sometimes you can see things more clearly from a distance. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Yes, life can be very intimidating with relativity, the passing of time, whether it is boredom or favorite movie we are watching, can make the same time look different. Perceptions change everyday. It is only love which is the best perception.

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    1. Yeah about two and a half years ago when I finally understood that even though I can’t control everything I can control how I react, it was empowering. I went through a transition phase that it felt very unnatural to be happy. I was almost scared, as if I got too comfortable it would all be taken away. Now it’s just peaceful. There are storms and cloudy days but the sun always shines. Thanks for stopping by ❤


  3. I not only appreciate your wonderful post, but the comments as well. Growth isn’t for the faint of heart…it can be daunting, hard work until you have a shift/series of shifts that put things in a different light. Trying to swim against (what one thinks is) the tide becomes seen for what it is, and at that point, one is able to go with the flow (as you beautifully put it–change ones approach to challenges). Thanks for shining your light in our direction 🙂

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  4. Wow. Perception can be so deceiving. It could make challenges or obstacles seem bigger than they really are. I’ve gone through this my entire life. Perception turned into fears and doubts. I didn’t have the confidence, persistence or perseverance to get through things. But I am starting to realize that I can get through anything with the right mindset. Back then I was holding myself back from moving forward all because of my perception on life. Now I train my brain to think differently. Great read.

    I just launched my blog site and I talk about my experience in one of my posts. Check it out if you’d like.

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    1. Exactly. It’s like a telescope, you can focus on one thing and zoom in or you can pan out and see the landscape all at once. I know what you mean. I was that way for most of my life as well. It sounds cliche but the mind is a powerful thing. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Have a great weekend ❤

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