Speak Up!


A friend of mine is hosting an event called Speak Up. It’s an intimate forum she hosts once a month where she opens up the discussion with a thought-provoking question. She emailed me the question about a week ago to ponder. The event is tonight (in fact, I’m here now!) and although you can’t attend live in person, I thought I’d extend a virtual invitation. So I’ll share the question she asked and get the conversation started here. I’m interested to see where the conversation goes both at her live event as well as in the comments section here.

What do you want to tell the world?

I’ll leave my response in the comments so as not to steer the conversation in one direction or another. I’d love to hear what came to mind when you read the question. Feel free to leave your response in the comments. I’ve invited my friend Karen to look at the responses so she can see where the conversation goes. So pull up a chair, get comfy, and join in the discussion. ❤


7 Replies to “Speak Up!”

  1. The first think that came to my mind was as I travel around the United States giving socks to the homeless I stress there is always hope in everything we do but Love is all we truly have to give away so Love is all there is. I want the world we can make this a heaven or a hell please chose to make this Heaven by sharing and giving Love away.

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    1. The Beatle’s song “All You Need is Love” came up last night and the message you’re spreading is in line with last night’s discussion. May you have all that you need for your message to spread far and wide 💖


  2. I want to tell the world to be kinder, I want to tell everyone that there’s good out there if you look hard enough for it. I want to tell the world that spreading peace, positivity, acceptance and love is vital in moving forward as the human race✨❤️

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    1. Yes!! Standing with you in your message. On the exact wave length we were on last night and you weren’t even there. May your life be the living example of that beautiful message 💖💖


  3. My message is simple: You are not alone. Never be afraid to reach out to other people. Someone will listen, and someone will understand. We are all more alike than different. As human beings, we share commonality.

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  4. I want to tell the world that we all deserve to be loved regardless of who we are, what we look like, or where we come from. Hate for other is not born it is simply created.


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